Shame On ABC For Irresponsible Hyping Of Zimmerman Video

March 29, 2012

I take ABC to task at Big Journalism for its handling of a non-story to incite and attract attention to itself for what amounts to nothing. I suppose it wasn't really raining that night, as Zimmerman's T-shirt appears to be dry, too.

ABC is hyping a grainy police surveillance video in an outrageous and reckless attempt to suggest that police and Zimmerman may be lying as regards events on the night Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.

With this mugshot everywhere, what was the point in claiming their video reveals anything given that Zimmerman was treated at the scene and likely cleaned up? Also, as Tom Maguire pointed out, swelling and bruising often don't appear until the next day after a physical confrontation of some sort. What a bunch of nonsense that only inflames an already dangerous situation from ABC.


Gee, no obvious swelling, no bruising at that point. Did we really need some grainy video to throw fuel on a fire, while telling us what we already knew? Of course not. But ABC did it anyway.

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  1. EBL says:

    That is because ABC is not about trying to find out the truth of what happened, but trying to justify its and the MSM hype of their made up version of what happened.
    This is the part that most on the left do not get. I want justice to be done (and I suspect most conservatives do too). Trayvon Martin is dead. If he attacked Zimmerman and brought this on because of his own actions, I would like to know. If Zimmerman was reckless and caused this, I would like to know that too. I do not want to see Zimmerman charged with a crime to appease the mob, I want to see him charged only if there is sufficient evidence that supports a crime took place. I do not have anything invested either way, I just want to see that it is handled correctly.

  2. bluespapa says:

    Who are you going to believe, Dan Reihl or your own lying eyes?

  3. Tom Betz says:

    Another FAIL for Dan Riehl, the dumbest man on Earth. Anyone who is paying attention knows that the mug shot in the orange jump suit is from Zimmerman’s 2005 arrest for assaulting a cop.

  4. A Stephens says:

    Riehl may or may not have his facts lined up vis a vis the mug shot. That’s on him. He can address that issue.
    The larger point is, what exactly is ABC News purpose in continuing to pour gasoline on already out of control tragic circumstances? Tragic for ALL! involved.
    To further illustrate ABC News reckless irresponsibility, they are now citing the name of the 13 year old witness. Oh My God! What in the world could possibly justify such a blatantly outrageous, unethical, dangerous act?
    Those of you focused on Riehl here, disengage your visceral reaction, engage your damn brain, and consider the point actually being made.

  5. Ragspierre says:

    100% A+ Stephens…!!!

  6. soccermom says:

    I derp you guys so much.

  7. WTFitsPuck says:

    oh yeah – get punched in the nose so hard your lawyer says it was broken – but no blood on his shirt. Everyone knows you don’t get a nosebleed from having your nose broken.
    Stephens – Rieh’s racism is absolutely the point here, he and the Breitbart crew are desperate to make the black kid into a thug. Riehl got the fake ‘gangsta’ picture from Stormfront’s website. ‘Nuff said.

  8. A Stephens says:

    @WTF, “thug” or not, from the available facts the kid did not deserve to die the way he did.
    Other than Geraldo Rivera, who has since found his common sense, no one has suggested “thug” had anything to do with it. Nor should they, in my view.
    That’s a narrative being pushed by voices who are fomenting vigilant justice. Just as your “racist” meme is a narrative being pushed by those same voices, aimed at silencing those who are exposing the twisted nature of the prevailing media characterizations, and subsequent damage being done to reasonable discourse as a result.

  9. A Stephens says:

    “vigilante justice”

  10. Ragspierre says:

    “Riehl got the fake ‘gangsta’ picture from Stormfront’s website.”
    Put up your support for that claim, please. Expressly, how you know where Riehl got a particular picture, and to what picture you refer.

  11. Neo says:

    Why don’t they use the mythical “image enhancement software” seen so often on CSI ?

  12. SacTownMan says:

    Our half-black president and all of the various race baiting “rev’s” out there are the only remaining racists in this country. They continue to be aided by the Pravda Media in thier quest to deflect attention from the actual RECORD” of the great God King, Xerxes!!
    The middle aged white folks out there gave up the childhood race bias of their parents decades ago!!
    So much for the great “uniter” aka, the POS POTUS!!
    How’s that whole “Hope and Change” working out for ya America
    One Big Assed Mistake America!!!

  13. Jamie says:

    Well that would be amazing if it did show the bruising in the mugshot, since that image is from 2005! Oh wait, I guess somehow Zimmerman grew hair between being walked into the interrogation room and having his mugshot taken. Oh yeah and they threw him in a prison jumpsuit without him ever being charged.
    Talk about a lack of facts. Perhaps you should look into the origins of that picture a little more. It’s from 2005 when Zimmerman was arrested for assaulting a state liquor agent. But don’t let facts get in your way. They are stubborn things now…

  14. SacTownMan says:

    Hey J-Me what is your major malfunction? What does the mug photo have to do with Dan’s post? ABC clearly is trying to keep the race baiters like you as rabid as possible.

  15. Ted says:

    You might be the dumbest man on the planet Dan Riehl, seriously. That mug shot is from 2005.

  16. Ted says:

    Not to worry Dan, SacTownMan is right on your heels there. “What does the mug photo have to do with Dan’s post?”
    Well, only that it’s the basis for the entire argument.
    “With this mugshot everywhere, what was the point in claiming their video reveals anything given that Zimmerman was treated at the scene and likely cleaned up? ”
    So, you tell me, what does the fact that the mug shot was from 2005 have to do with this post?
    Lemme answer for you …everything.

  17. HogieCarmichael says:

    SacTown man is a disgrace to my hometown of Sacramento. You know what might be a good idea? Read article before commenting.

  18. Ragspierre says:

    “Shame On ABC For Irresponsible Hyping Of Zimmerman Video”
    Um… if Dan posted NO photo of Zimmerman…
    how would that have effected the validity of his post here?

  19. SacTownMan says:

    Thanks Rags for sharing the obvious point that our resident trolls seem to miss. And for said idiots please read the title of Dan’s post
    “Shame On ABC For Irresponsible Hyping Of Zimmerman Video”
    Now try and use some good old common sense and reread my comment,
    “What does the mug photo have to do with Dan’s post?” (insert title of Dan’s post here for the trolls)
    “Shame On ABC For Irresponsible Hyping Of Zimmerman Video”
    And my comment clearly related to the title of the post,
    “ABC clearly is trying to keep the race baiters like you as rabid as possible.”
    If losers like Hogie and J-Me could ever get over their Daily Koz talking points they might actually
    be able to comprehend the fact that their god king is indeed the only real racist in the room(besides them of course)
    But what would you expect from Conor with “one n’s” favorite butt buddy J-Me?

  20. Ted says:

    Dan claims ABC is hyping a “non-story”.That would be true if it showed Zimmerman bloody and with grass on him, alas it shows the opposite.
    And when Dan points to a mugshot from 7 years ago as proof, well then, I have to question the bigot’s motivation, is he lying intentionally to deceive or is he just an idiot? I say the two are not mutually exclusive. Right SacTownMan?
    (This is the part where you smear the dead 17 year old kid.)

  21. Ragspierre says:

    ABC WAS irresponsible for airing the conclusory BULLSHIT it did.
    Not for the airing of the video, but for the crap accompanying it.
    And how is it “smearing” Mr. Martin to recount factual stuff about him (not to say speculation about him)?
    I don’t think anyone here has approved of jumping to conclusions about this case. It is possible that Zimmerman and the police have acted in collusion to hide a crime. Is it likely?
    It is possible that events transpired as Mr. Zimmerman related, and the police found evidence that corroborated his account, and…acting under Florida LAW…did not arrest.
    We dunno.

  22. SacTownMan says:

    Do the idiot trolls ever click on those link “things”.
    My favorite is the ABC “banner” that is present in the lower third of the screen. I have never seen such an obvious attempt to pluck a graphic image over something as they have done in order to hide Mr. Zimmerman head.
    But our resident dipshits still point out the mug old photo and ignore completely the links provided and the story that they tell. That is, the actual topic of the post and not some Alinski shell game.

  23. Dan Riehl says:

    Funny how the trolls aren’t saying anything about the head gash ABC missed. The video showed nothing that changes anything and everyone knows it. Too bad.