The Irony Of Obama: He May Have Freed Whites, More Than Blacks

March 25, 2012

There is an interesting irony playing out underneath this whole Martin, Zimmerman tragedy the media – and more importantly, Obama – now seems intent on making into a national event.

In the past when race hustlers like Jackson and Sharpton started their usual schtick over some alleged racial issue, they and the media were mostly allowed to run wild with it. I'd wager many whites resented it. I have no problem admitting I did. But I don't have to tolerate it, now.

Clue for the ignorant masses now looking to turn an Hispanic into a white guy and scream racism for financial and political gain, last time I looked, there's a black guy in the White House. You want me to cry and feel sorry for you because America is such a racist country, or I need to explore some hidden racism deep within myself?

Get over it, loser. I don't have to buy into that garbage any more. Get your shit together and run for president, or something and get out of my face.

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  1. Tania says:

    To be fair, the occupant of the white house is bi-racial. However, this year we get to elect a new president, and ignorant masses that voted for The One in 2008 are getting nervous or getting a clue.

  2. Ragspierre says:

    Bad Luck Barry needs to get to a microphone and TRY to heal the damage he did with his opportunistic race-baiting the other day, before things get even MORE ugly.

  3. An astute observation, Dan. Must cogitate on that. . .

  4. RIGHT ON Dan’l
    The race hustle game resembles a beggar pretending to be crippled to evoke sympathy (and revenue)
    Like Breitbart once said, there’s few things as vile as falsely accusing conservatives of
    being ‘racist’ just because you’ve lost every logical argument with them

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  6. Ragspierre says:

    Yep, zilla.
    I’ve been telling people here that Sanct-orum is not POTUS material.
    He’s shown his respect for the law and due process.