How I learned to stop worrying and love the Rom?

May 1, 2012


"Actually, Mitt is a very funny guy," a warm and engaging Ann Romney told "E.T" host Nancy O'Dell the other night, explaining "He doesn't comb his hair when we're, you know, not going places. It's like all over the place … Maybe we need to take a picture of what he really looks like when he's not working." Mrs. Romney won our heart and mind three weeks back with her decisive victory in the Democrats' faux "War on Women." Like Sarah Palin, she "fights like a girl." Click here to watch full interview.

By Sissy Willis of sisu

The fact that he didn’t talk about his campaign I thought was very touching to me," newly promoted Greenland, NH Police Chief Tara Laurent told ABC News, describing her unexpectedly emotional response to Mitt Romney's "secret trip" — reporters had not been notified — to the town's police department yesterday …

Is that what's happening to us now? Among the walking wounded emerging from our Republican-primaries foxhole to look around at what's still standing, are we hearing what we want to hear from the Romney campaign now that we've given up the ghost of our preferred candidate?

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  1. I don’t care how cute Mitt is after hours. Is he going to shrink the damned Federal government or not?

  2. Polarbearpapa says:

    Just look at O’Romney’s record in Mass. He grew Govt. spending by 20.7% and Govt. employment by 7.2%…and increased taxes(He called them FEES) by 600 to 700 MILLION dollars a year…
    ..Yeah…The GOPe have foisted another RINO on us…..
    ..Prepare to bend over and grab your ankles Conservatives….

  3. astonerii says:

    I will not vote for Romney unless he changes party affiliation. Chances of that are significantly less than me winning the lottery while not buying any tickets.

  4. Ragspierre says:

    Hence, you will vote by default for Obama.

  5. Hence, you will vote by default for Obama.