(Video) MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Exposed, Feels Cheapened Over Man Crush On Obama

May 31, 2012

Proclaiming himself a "feminist" in an interview with the Daily Beast's Judith Grey, to discuss her latest: GOP to Women: Obama’s Your Guilty Pleasure, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell gestured emphatically and claimed he felt "condescended to" as a result of Grey's piece. As Grey's item was addressed specifically to women and O'Donnell is presumably not one simply because he shares a feminist ideology, one is left to wonder what those puppy dog eyes betraying O'Donnell's seemingly deep emotional bond with Barry are telling us, as he attempts to make a case, not really his to make. Hmm.

Perhaps MSNBC is simply attempting to inject a little drama and passion into its broadcasts to improve it's weak ratings? We may never know, but, clearly, Lawrence deserves a forceful fist pump of male bonding for not simply breaking down in tears at the thought of his Oba-bromance coming to an end in 2012, to help America get the nation and it's economy back-on-track and growing, again.

See video below. Hang in there, Lawrence, as my Mother used to say, something better always comes along.

When did Mitt ‘rice cake’ Romney turn into a ladies’ man? Judith Grey on the GOP’s emotionally manipulative campaign to tell women they shamelessly indulged in Obama in ’08.

Is Obama women's guilty pleasure?

Forget "50 Shades of Grey." Are Republicans trying to frame President Obama as a guilty pleasure? MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, the Daily Beast's Judith Grey, and MSNBC political analyst Karen Finney discuss whether the Republicans' approach is working to win over women.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    Men and women DID “indulge” in risky behavior in voting for Pres. Choom-a-rang in 2008.
    We’ve all been suffering for it since. Deep, “coyote ugly” morning-after remorse.
    America bought a pig-in-a-poke, and it was a really sick, malignant pig…who had told anyone with the brains to listen just how sick and twisted he was.
    Now, MOST Americans know better, and will not make that mistake again.
    Obama made it worse.

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