American Student Critical After Horrible Chimpanzee Attack At South Africa’s Jane Goodall Institute

June 29, 2012

Reportedly, he's an American college student there for research, who was giving a tour at the time. They dragged him almost a mile. Good Lord.

Mediclinic Nelspruit, the hospital where he was taken, said Friday he was in intensive care in critical condition after undergoing surgery Thursday.

The man had “multiple and severe bite wounds” and was dragged nearly a kilometer by the chimpanzees, Wicks said.

Beeld, a South African newspaper, reported Friday that the man was an American researcher who was giving tourists a lecture at the time of the attack. The tourists were escorted to safety by staff members as the chimpanzees dragged the man out of their enclosure, Beeld reported. The sanctuary’s director fired into the air to scare the chimps away from the man, and then chased the animals back into their enclosure. Beeld reported the man lost part of an ear and parts of his fingers.


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