Hate Crime? Angela Corey Put Ailing Vet In Prison For 20 Years

June 19, 2012

Check out the news story, then this video on the case for more details. It features a group, Families Against Mandatory Minimums, founded by Julie Stewart, formerly of the Cato Institute. Even the judge says the sentence is a "crime." But not Angela Corey.

BildeRonald Thompson of Keystone Heights is 65 and a 14-year Army veteran who has logged 5,000 hours of volunteer service at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Lake City. But for the crime of firing two gunshots into the ground to scare off some teenagers, he is serving 20 years in prison.

But that was overturned on appeal by the office of 4th Circuit State Attorney Angela Corey, the prosecutor in the case of George Zimmerman — the accused shooter of Sanford teen Trayvon Martin.

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  1. ThomasD says:

    The responding cops are as bad as Corey. They should be ashamed of themselves for what become of that episode. Aggravated assault it was not.

  2. Cbinflux says:


  3. Dustin says:

    That is incredibly sad.
    No freedom loving person should leave their family at the mercy of Florida.

  4. chip says:

    Huh? He’s serving 20 years but that was overturned on appeal from Corey’s office, so she appealed the severity of the sentence?
    I don’t get it.

  5. Dan Riehl says:

    No, Chip. He got three years. Corey appealed as a prosecutor, got him 20. Either side can appeal a case.

  6. mmm says:

    Corey is horrible. My family has personal experience with her as a prosecutor. Basically, her objective is political. It’s about how she can make the nightly news. She wanted to run for Governor and has used her cases as a platform for publicity. This is common knowledge in Florida. Feel free to email me if you want more info…

  7. Rob Crawford says:

    “Aggravated assault it was not.”
    Assault is an action that places a person in serious fear for their safety; you don’t have to touch or even hurt someone to assault them. In Florida, using a gun makes it aggravated.

  8. Marknoonan says:

    Reading up on Corey this isn’t the first time she’s sought to throw the book at someone who defended themselves. She seems to have a problem with anyone who uses a gun in self defense – an investigation should be made in to any gun control connections she may have.

  9. Big Bob says:

    Dick the Butcher’s advice comes to mind when considering Ms Corey.

  10. Hey Dan, Learn how to express yourself in a way that people can understand.

  11. SilverDeth says:

    Sounds like some of you Florida patriots needs to show this woman the most patriot use of a length of hemp rope.

  12. JeremyR says:

    The real problem is mandatory sentencing. The article isn’t clear what the 20 years is mandatory for, but anything short of murder or kidnapping is just crazy.

  13. Yahoo! and its crazy how some people would be willing to create a burger that expensive or others to buy it, when some

  14. egoist says:

    It’s basically illegal to fire a firearm. If the criminal law regime doesn’t imprison you, the civil law will impoverish you.

  15. nohype says:

    The part you quote does not make sense. One has to go to the original article to understand what happened in this case.

  16. Lord Nazh says:

    “Two years ago, the judge who reviewed the 20-year term required by Florida’s mandatory minimum law called it “a crime in itself.” He sentenced Thompson to three years instead of 20.”
    You left this paragraph out :) with it, the story makes sense

  17. ThomasD says:

    “…using a gun makes it aggravated.”
    Rob, I’m well aware of this aspect of Florida law, having lived there and been a CCW holder.
    As you note assault is “an action that places a person in serious fear for their safety.” Which is exactly what the trespassers were doing at the time he fired the shots. That makes his actions lawful self defense/defense of other (the grandmother) and not an unlawful assault (and therefore not agg. assault.)
    As an aside, if the trespassers were in any way armed then their crime becomes Armed Trespass – a felony in Florida. Florida self defense further law allows the use of lethal force to stop the commission of any armed felony.
    My point is that the man used the least force necessary to defuse a situation he thought was dangerous. The could have recognized it as such, instead they chose to see him as a criminal, and now we have an otherwise upstanding citizen doing 20 years.
    They need to recognize their part in this injustice.

  18. Ragspierre says:

    Corey is doing what prosecutors do, and she’s using the law she was given.
    The law is often a very poor expression of good society…even when we try to make it so.

  19. SDN says:

    Well, Rags, that’s why we give prosecutors that thing called “discretion”…. and hope they have it. The problem is that they are hard to remove when they fail to exercise it. That’s what jury nullification is for; it’s a fundamental check on people like this.

  20. Ragspierre says:

    SDN, she DID exercise it. You just don’t like the WAY she exercised it.
    And the judge was DEAD wrong. He FOLLOWS the law, and if he feels strongly it is unjust, he TAKES his butt off the bench and goes to work to redress the law.
    See Barrachah, Obama
    And where do you think those mandatory sentences came from? Can you say, POPULAR DEMAND.

  21. Humble Conservative says:

    What I’ve learned from wingnuts:
    When the law produces a result that hurts your feelings – TYRANNNNNNY!!!! Hang the prosecutor!!!! Mandatory sentencing is unjust!!!!!
    The law NEVER applies to you. And you are ALWAYS persecuted. Such miserable little crap weasels.

  22. mmm says:

    [Corey is doing what prosecutors do, and she's using the law she was given.]
    I disagree. She is abusing the law she was given. There is a big difference between the two. Corey does not exercise common sense when applying the law and manipulates the system. It is not the job of the prosecutor to abuse the system.

  23. Ragspierre says:

    I understand your opinion. Which is all that was. Your opinion.
    “Common sense” is one of the least common things in human nature, and there isn’t even much agreement on what it looks like.
    Is there?

  24. Lanceman says:

    Why isn’t Pam Bondi doing something about her?

  25. Ragspierre says:

    Good question, Lanceman.
    Another good question; if Dershowitz was not full of BS, why hasn’t O’Mara filed a writ of mandamus?
    Makes you want to rethink all that crap about Corey being “out of control”, don’t it…???

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  28. Walker says:

    This article is very unclear. I am not sure .. . is the man serving a jail sentence now . . .or was it overturned?? If it was overturned . . .isn’t he out of jail now???

  29. Mark Dubose says:

    The judge gave this man 3 years, because he refused to give him the mandatory 20 years demanded by Corey. She appealed the 3 year sentence and the court of appeals agreed. They sent the case back for a new sentence with instructions it had to be 20 years. New attorneys fought for a new trial, and when it was granted, the new prosecutor dropped the case. Angela Corey did not save this man, she tried to lock him up for the rest of his life. Only due to much work by others is he now free.