Luka Rocco Magnotta Flees To France, Rants, Posts Disturbing Video As “Beavis Butthead”

June 2, 2012

When can a crime involving cannibalism get even weirder? Apparently when bi-sexual porn star, Luka Rocco Magnotta is involved. Reports the Daily Mail: "Revealed: Victim of Canadian porn star cannibal is Chinese gay lover as police reveal 'murderer' is on the run in France… dressed as a woman".

Meanwhile, the ranting of someone who posted the disturbing video containing footage from inside Magnotta's apartment as "BeavisButthead" is cause for some to believe it was actually Luka Rocca himself who posted it.

The original poster [going by the handle 'Beavis Butthead' fills] … pages of comments [on the YouTube page], repeatedly mentioning the name "Luka," asking opinions on Magnotta's jewelry choices, appearance and handwriting styles; and asserting that Magnotta was actually dead or running from a stalker."

Something doesn't add up in this case. I think Luka is being framed by the insane agent that he fired – who has been stalking him for years," Beavis Butthead writes. "When I see Luka's blogs, etc., he doesn't seem to be a person who would do this. It is interesting that people ignore his years of complaints about being stalked. The reason he wanted to disappear is to avoid stalkers." According to QMI, the poster's writing seems similar to Magnotta's.

The video in question is the only one posted by 'Beavis Butthead' and the account is only a few weeks old.

And it just keeps getting stranger.

On Saturday morning, 'Beavis Butthead' responded to the QMI report by posting a screenshot of Sims' Sun News Network bio page, with Magnotta's face inserted into Sims' picture. The caption read: "Toronto Sun EXCLUSIVE! Luka Magnotta may be in disguise! See the photo of Kim Sims and decide for YOURSELF!"

'Butthead' also added this comment:

"Sims has gone and broadcast to the world that I am Luka. Thanks a lot b*tch! Let's see how she likes it. When this case is solved (if ever), I will be demanding an apology from that b*tch. In fact, if she values her job, she should apologize now for her reckless and irresponsible reporting. She might get ME killed by some nutso cop crashing through my door at any moment!

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  1. let bygones be bygones **

    • BeavisButthead says:

      A bit of a follow-up on this. I have never gotten an apology from Sims. There has been no retraction. I have gotten dozens of death threats from all over the world because of what Sims did to me, and I have a memory deeper than an elephant. I do not forgive, and I do not let bygones be bygones. There is a reason for that. Sims is a reporter. If I let her off the hook, that would give her the ability to do to other people what she did to me.. and then I would be a quasi-accessory to her libelous, dangerous, character assassination. However, I do notice that since making a complete fool of herself with this case, she has been delegated to doing trivial stories such as how to make Christmas decorations out of maxi-pads and tampons.

      • BeavisButthead says:

        By the way. When I first started posting, I was merely pointing out that nothing about this story made sense as far as Luka being guilty. There is a reason for that.. turns out that Luka was framed. I now know by whom, and why, and that will all be taken care of later this year. Ironically, had Sims not fingered me as being Luka, I never would have gotten the information needed to prove who framed him.

        • BeavisButthead says:

          Just for triva’s sake.. without even thinking.. I can recall that at least 2 people have been fired for their interest in this case. Also, several reporters have short-circuited their careers with this case. They go overboard and create credibility and libel issues for their employers. Charle’s Adler is one like that..

  2. Experts predict that the coastline of Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii will see some pretty nasty debris wash ashore; California will have some, but less, as most of it will be caught in a current that will carry it to the pacific islands.

  3. karmakillz says:

    lol, fyf KNUT

  4. Beavis Butthead says:

    That b*itch Kris Sims never did apologize. In fact, she filed a defamation complaint against me. She is one sick and demented evil troll. So is her husband. Let me just give a rundown about Kris Sims. She believes she has supernatural powers, she despises black people, she is a huge gun nut, and she needs to stick to reporting about how to make Christmas decorations out of tampons. I have not, and will not forget what she did to me, nor will I forget that she did nothing to correct her mistake. What she did resulted in dozens of death threats. She even gave out my real email address, and some other things. Here is a video about her husband, Harley Sims, who is also nuts.