The Freedom To Blog – Cough, Cough

June 8, 2012

As regards the freedom to blog, some choosing to not blog today and efforts to urge Congressional action regarding Brett Kimberlin and others for their alleged activities, there are several posts to choose from via Memeorandum. Some are blogging, some aren't. I see Instapundit is blogging.

It wasn't my intention to participate; however, I've got some kind of bug – early Summer cold, or whatever, and don't anticipate blogging, or writing much, anywhere today.

As to the larger issue, I believe we're starting to win, or at least move in that direction, so we should keep our eyes on developments, remain committed, and continue to push things forward as appropriate and necessary in the future. Speaking only for myself, I intend to do that. 

That is all.


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  1. Zilla says:

    Hope you feel better soon, Dan!
    I’m still fighting my health issues, but I’m trying to get something up at the blog today anyway.

  2. You haven’t been using bath salts recently, have you? Do you feel a craving for human flesh?
    Speaking of winning, the positive response to David McCullough’s commencement speech seems to be a good sign to me.

  3. Zilla says:

    I finally finished my post, and have you linked in it, here:
    Silent Like a Carpet Bombing

  4. the friendship between gentlemen is as pure as crystal; a hedge between keeps friendship green

  5. Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards.

  6. Tania says:

    Agreed, this is the tipping point with the Brett Kimberlin saga.
    Awww, hope you feel better soon :)

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