Change: Romney Courts Black Vote, Obama Passes

July 10, 2012

I've done at least two posts on why Obama may be weak enough among blacks to hurt him in November. One involved Essence magazine. Also, as you may recall, Morgan Freeman recently claimed Obama isn't America's first black president. Now, despite 14.4 percent unemployment among blacks, Obama is passing on the NAACP? Meanhile, Mitt Romney will address them. And Obama dispatched … Joe Biden, instead? What could go wrong?

Four years ago, Barack Obama captured 96 percent of the black vote. But this year, in an election in which every vote may matter, Mitt Romney is not giving up on that front.

On Wednesday, Mr. Romney will make a pitch to the nation’s premier civil rights group, testing President Obama’s overwhelming support among black voters by trying to pry away defectors with his pro-jobs message at a time of 14.4 percent unemployment among African-Americans.

Mr. Obama is passing up the chance to address the group, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and sending Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. instead.

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  1. troy says:

    the black vote for obama is already in the bag. doesn’t need to show up.

  2. MarkJ says:

    Maybe Obama doesn’t think he needs to show up and talk to a captive audience. However, Mitt Romney undoubtedly remembers the lesson he learned from his three years as Mormon missionary in offially Catholic France: most Mormon missionaries don’t gain many converts (Romney says he only won over 10-20 during his tour)….but it all adds up over time.
    Obama isn’t talking to the NAACP because he thinks he doesn’t need to. However, Romney will speak to anyone who’s willing to listen–and that will undoubtedly impress some folks. And this is the key: if Romney can even peel off a small percentage of the black vote in November, Obama will be doing the long bag-drag back to Hyde Park instead of retaking the oath of office.