Olympics coverage: “Abide with me,” but don’t tell the great unwashed.

July 28, 2012

Abidewithme copy

"Our program is tailored for the U.S. television audience. It’s a credit to [opening ceremony producer] Danny Boyle that it required so little editing,” an NBC Sports spokespersom smarmily responded to critics of the network's cutting out — for their American audience — a tribute to the London terrorism victims of 2005 ("Abide with me" above).

By Sissy Willis of sisu

"Get used to stuff like this," writes USA Today Sports reporter Michael Hiestand, explaining why CBS decided to skip the UK's Olympic tribute to the Jihadist London bombings of Summer '05 and go straight for the ratings jugular:

Which is more likely to encourage U.S.viewers to stick around for your feel-good TV show: chit-chat between mega-celebs Ryan Seacrest and Michael Phelps or a tribute to victims of an overseas terrorist attack that happened seven years ago?

"An overseas terrorist attack that happened seven years ago"? How yesterday is that? Not to mention the International Olympic Committee's decision to bow in dhimmitude to our Islamist masters and pretend the first shot across our bow back in ancient history — the horrific Munich massacre of 1972 — never happened …

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  1. EBL says:

    http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/2012/07/the-international-olympic-committee-are.html The games are a sham. And Munich was a disgrace in the attacks being able to happen, the hapless response, and then the cover up following.
    Israelis are (sadly) on their own. Do they think Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama would ever save them?

  2. “An overseas terrorist attack that happened seven years ago”
    Really? 9/11 is to us in the UK (and to anyone anywhere else in the world other than the US) an overseas terrorist attack that happened almost 11 years ago but it is still thrust down our throats by Americans at every given opportunity as if it happened yesterday just across the road from us and woe betide anyone or any TV station anywhere in the world that dares to complain or cut it.