Silliness of the Day: Mitt Romney Told Olympians They Didn’t Get There Alone

July 23, 2012

The Moderate Voice (and the media along with them) would do well to moderate whatever it is they were smoking when they decided this was a big deal. Not only did Romney also praise the Olympians themselves, he didn't demonize and run them down to justify raising their taxes, the way Obama has business owners and entrepreneurs. If this is a sign of how desperate they are to come up with a line of attack, Romney may just be on his way to winning the thing by a considerable margin. Honestly, nothing this weak belongs anywhere near the word Olympian.

I suppose we should forget that some Olympic venues invvolve teams, too? Duh!

Our political Quote of the Day gives us one more strand in the heaping-plate-of-spaghetti-of-hyocrisy called American partisan politics, where the accuracy of an assertion is not what matters. What matters is that you pick up something that can be repeated, and exaggerated and cherry picked but try to forget or deny or not mention what you yourself said.

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  1. Neo says:

    … so did the “evil” Romney pass an “Olympian Tax” on the royalties received by Olympic stars ?

  2. baaaaaaaaahahahahahaha says:

    your own.
    now, please arrange that sentence in the correct order.

  3. Gandelman is a damn idiot trying to equate what Romney said with Barry’s mask slip.

  4. Ragspierre says:

    Not much of an analogy to Olympic athletes. Now, if instead of taxes Obama had been calling on internet millionaires and Wall Street’s hedge fund heroes to give up a round of applause to their moms and dads and these titans were churlishly refusing, well, we would have something to argue about.
    –Tom McGuire
    Of course, Romney stressed in the first paragraph the individual striving and achievement of the competitors themselves.
    Some idiot was saying something a his petard…
    I think we all know which of his orifices his petard is packed into.

  5. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha says:

    and Obama stressed that people were a success because of THEIR OWN INITIATIVE, but they didn’t get there alone.
    get some.

  6. Ragspierre says:

    Actually, Obama stressed the opposite.
    Which is totally consistent with Collectivist “thought”.
    This is really an awful admission.
    We can tell by the weeping and wailing of “wing-nut LIEEEEESSSSSS” from the Collective’s moonbattery.
    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha, we respond.