John Freeman, 16 and Tyler Best, 18 charged in murder of 5-yr-old Isabella Tennant, NY girl dumped in trash can

August 28, 2012

I’ve never been able to comprehend how individuals so young can be so incredibly evil. Pictured are John Freeman, 16 on left and Tyler Best, 18, on the right.

Authorities said 16-year-old John Freeman and 18-year-old Tyler Best are scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday morning in Niagara Falls City Court. An autopsy of the body of Isabella Tennant is also scheduled for Tuesday.The arrests came after Best came to police Monday morning and led them to a garbage can containing a trash bag holding Isabellas body. He told them he had helped Freeman dispose of it after Freeman had killed her, police said.

With more and several images of Isabella Sarah Tennant via the Daily Mail. What a sweet, wonderful looking child.

Isabella Sarah Tennant, five, was found in a garbage can down an alley in the City of Niagara, New York after being missing for around 12 hours

Freeman was described as a ‘trusted family friend’ and Isabella’s great-grandmother said she had last seen her Sunday night with the 16-year-old.

Authorities said it appeared Isabella had been killed without weapons being involved.

Police on Monday said they had charged Freeman as an adult and he faced a murder charge. They said Best was charged with tampering with evidence.

Authorities say 18-year-old Tyler Best went to police Monday and led them to her body, which he said he helped Freeman hide.

Police have charged Freeman as an adult. They say Freeman is charged with murder and Best is charged with tampering with evidence.
Freeman and Best were in custody and couldn’t be reached for comment Monday.

There was no listed home phone number for them, and no information about attorneys was available.

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  1. MarkJ says:

    If these SOBS get life sentences, I reckon they’ll be spending the rest of their miserable existences as girlfriends for large tattooed men nicknamed “Bubba.”

    May it come to pass.

  2. christopher thomas says:

    I believe that someone knows what actually happened im guessing the girl choked to death and the 16 year old panicked obviously by hiding the body his friend was clearly scared enough to go along with it, but still i refuse to cast any judgement on these 2 young men.
    shame on all of you so called christians who wish rape and murder for two people involved in such a tradgedy the young girl
    was 5 however that still doesnt change the possibility of accidental death but oh im guessing this logic is seen as just impossible but its the truth if we are to survive as a nation we need to actually get to the bottom of our crimes and find a solution that fits.
    its sad to hear about people dying but you all forget we are all going to die and there is a strong possibility that this was accidental.

    • angel says:

      I agree with you.I think the whole storey is fishy plus i was reading that when police asked himwhy it did it that he said she she wouldn’t stop crying and wouldnt go to sleep ‘but then if he said that then why to they need to go to court. thinking that he was just upset saying things that was going on with the child that night. like u mention her choking,and maybe thats why she was crying. i mean for all anyone knows the friend could have did it,and figured he go to police,and say john did it fearing john might tell on him being best said freemen told him he killed her,and he just helped out.

  3. angel says:

    sorry…hope u can understand my post.
    my computer/mouse has been acting gets on spells lol

  4. angel m says:

    i think tyler was really scared and was forced to help but means no harm, as for tyler he is cold hearted muderer and should have death sentence.

  5. angelica mcauliff says:

    i also belive tyler should stay in jail till the parents of bella say he can come out, not the police. as for john he is the cold hearted murderer with no pacients, he deserves the death sentence. i hope that bellas family will survive the first christmas without bells.