LA Times: GOP showed off its colored people for the cameras

August 29, 2012

When I say “colored people,” I don’t mean as in only black people, but people of all colors other than white. At least the LA Times is inclusive in that regard. What a quaint little political cartoon below the fold; though I think I might be offended were I portrayed as a wild-eyed buffoon, the way I assume Artur Davis is portrayed. Both Davis and then Mia Love have already been attacked for daring to cross the color line – one which a bigoted press seems determined to reinforce in the face of increasing change.

Republican National Convention puts a brown face on a white party

David Horsey / Los Angeles Times (August 28, 2012)

The reality is, there are great and growing numbers of Blacks, Hispanics and other so called minorities within the Republican base. While not in proportion to the Democrats, any one who knows any thing understands that the GOP vigorously pursues outreach efforts within those communities. But rather than report, or weigh in on that, it’s as if the media is frightened by it, instead, straining itself to portray the GOP as the party of the white, where no other color is accepted, or deemed worthy, somehow. That’s not only a myth it’s a lie.

Beyond all that – and the inherent ugliness that goes with it, it’s old and increasingly boring, as well as increasingly incorrect. Reaching back for old stereotypes in some twisted attempt to maintain the political status quo in America doesn’t take talent, originality, or even creativity. It only takes a small mind and a form of bigotry we have already grown too accustomed to in a seemingly unrepentant and non-rehab-able old media. It’s also likely a big part of why new media is flourishing and the rotten limbs of the old tree press are being abandoned by readers to die on the vine.

Until Ann Romney and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stepped into the primetime spotlight Tuesday night, the stage at the Republican National Convention was dominated by a parade of racial and ethnic minorities. The same could not be said about the delegates in the hall. As the United States has become an increasingly more diverse country, the Republican Party has maintained a distinctly pale hue.

Still, the party can boast a number of black and Hispanic elected officials — and a bunch of them were put in front of the TV cameras on the opening night of the Tampa confab. Among the featured speakers were Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, Sher Valenzuela, the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor of Delaware, Ted Cruz, candidate for the U.S. Senate in Texas, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and the first lady of Puerto Rico, Lucé Vela Fortuño.

The top prize in the how-many-minorities-can-we-pack-behind-a-microphone sweepstakes goes to whoever booked Artur Davis, the black ex-Democratic congressman who seconded Barack Obama’s nomination four years ago. Having switched sides, Davis delivered a stinging rebuke to the president he helped elect.

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  2. RebeccaH says:

    I’m only sorry Bobby Jindal couldn’t be there.

    • Hank says:

      I’m sure MSNBC would’ve dismissed him as a “dark skinned member of the Aryan race.”

      • Neo says:

        MSNBC’s on-air talent, 4 white men, seemed to have a break or talk over every speaker of color last night.
        It’s almost as if they’re racist or something.

  3. JohnInMA says:

    Most telling outside of all of the racial stereotypes in the cartoon is the assignment of “global warming denier”. In one cartoon the creator managed to show us that the progressives not only see all things political and cultural through the prism of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., but that bigotry is valid as long as it is applied using their definitions.

    This Horsey person shows that image and symbols are all that matter in the progressive world. He sees women, whites, and skeptical views of progressive issues they deem ‘settled’ as rightful recipients of his bigoted rage. Just my impression, but the progressive view of someone like Artur Davis is one of not being a genuine ______ (fill in the blank – black, African American, minority, etc.) A true African American cannot be conservative in their mind. If they are they have lost the rights to be protected from hateful bigotry as that is reserved ONLY for proper African Americans, if you know what I mean.

  4. Mike S says:

    Horsey sees 5 whites (some with stereotypically “wrong” conservative views)and one black. I see six people united in the belief that federal spending is out of control and needs to be reined in. This election isn’t about global warming or family planning, it’s about the economy, jobs and federal spending. What a pathetic attempt to change the subject.

  5. Rick67 says:

    Let me see if I understand this right. A gathering of “conservatives” that is mostly white is self-evidentially racist. When a person of color is included, welcomed, able to lead, able to speak (rather than rejected or suppressed, are you paying attention here?) that too is self-evidentially racist, because those people of color are like pets, “trotted out” to be “showed off” for the cameras, as opposed to intelligent human beings capable of independent thought. (1) “Heads I win, tails you lose” arguments demonstrate that “progressives” do not really have principles. (2) Who really is the racist here, racist?

    • Buster says:

      The GOP basically has roots and philosophies that tie in with imperialism. It fosters feudalism and further separation between the rich and the poor. It embraces cheep labor to account for “job creation” and “business success”. Historically poor are decendents of the enslaved or conquered. I watched the GOP thing on TV. Saw lots of people of color on stage, but I think I saw one person of color in the crowd.

  6. Rick67 says:

    (Sorry, I should be more clear, that is in response to Horsey and the Los Angeles Times, not to Riehl.)

  7. JAL says:

    Nice targeted slap at “southern Baptists” — which happens to be a specific denomination. But the cartoonist probably didn’t know that (“All you Southerners look/sound alike.”), just as he did not know that Southern Baptists (the specific denomination and the generic southerners who are baptists)) are not opposed to “Family Planning.” (Dog whistle alert: = “abortion”)

    Most are opposed to programs and people who deny “human rights” to unborn babies.

    Imagine that.

    Anyone remember when the DNC did not allow Robert Casey — a practicing (as opposed to a “Kennedy”) Roman Catholic — from addressing the Convention because he was pro-life? I do.

    Looooots of diversity you got there, Progs.

    • Buster says:

      Just take a look in the crowd of GOP rally’s and events. The evidence is in the pudding. Now, ask yourself, “why is that”?

  8. Bob D'oh says:

    I seem to recall seeing a photo of Obama’s re-election campaign staff posing for a group picture in Chicago a few months ago. Of the 100 or so staffers in the shot, only ONE was identifiable as being black and maybe one Asian. The rest were white and the vast majority of them were young, white hipsters.

    What I don’t recall seeing was a political cartoon by Mr. Horsey satirizing the pink hue of that gathering.

  9. Hombre says:

    Media overseers going after runaways from the Democrat plantation!

  10. Thomas Hazlewood says:

    Seems that all they’re able to spot is ‘white Hispanics’, and ‘dark caucasians’. I reiterate what I taught my children…”Nobody hates like the Left”

  11. RPD says:

    So in the cartoon in this column, 20% of the labeled conservatives are black. Looks like they’re doing much better than most newsrooms.

  12. gummi worm says:

    If that is Davis they are leaving out the part where he was the nominating speaker for O four years ago and he was, we presume, as conservative then as now. I thought the woods were full of Obamacons of ALL colors? And perhaps they were. Hey, when you are all things to all men you get idiots of all description on your bandwagon. For a while.

  13. CraigO says:

    The traditional American leftist meme so desperate to promote racial hatred for political benefit. They must be so proud.