Mystery Of Obama’s College Career Finally Solved

August 22, 2012

I knew it! And so ends the mystery: “Obama ducks calls to release his collegiate transcripts”.

I always figured as much for Barry’s time at Occidental. But I never realized Columbia provided Special Education. Our man, Barry. He sure is speshul, alright.

A word of advice to @BarackObama: it’s “O-H-I-O” that has 18 electoral votes, not “O-I-H-O”

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  1. tb says:

    You realize that the people in the picture are facing the camera, right? Which means that their left is the photographer’s right.

    • samuil leygerman says:

      you do realize that Dan is an idiot and clueless partisan hack in Maoist fashion

    • JohnInMA says:

      Yes, all the intelligent people know that cameras reverse images so everything must be viewed from right to left……or are you suggesting that only intelligent people know to reverse the direction of what they are spelling? I guess that means every cheerleading squad and all the attendees at sporting events are misspelling their words, the dopes.

      Good grief.

    • malclave says:

      So you’re saying that Obama et al weren’t posing for a photograph, they were just spontaneously doing a Village People-style dance for their own benefit?

  2. andycanuck says:

    You do know he had a second photo taken with OHIO spelled correctly with Obama as the “I”, don’t you?

    Why would they do that if they had done it correctly the first time?

    And if you mean it’s *literally* a reversed photo, then the two men with their watches visible (one of whom is The One himself) have their watches on the wrong wrist.