WEAR ABC 3 ::: RNC Convention Protests All Wet

August 27, 2012

Report via WEAR ABC 3 :: National News: Tampa streets not filled with GOP protesters

Swell! How long before the freeloaders tag Nancy Pelosi to petition Congress for protest relief!!

Protesters have arrived in Tampa but they could barely be heard over the wind and rain from Tropical Storm Isaac and its unlikely theyll cross paths with Republicans in town for the presidential nominating convention.

Protesters are being kept blocks away and, so far, theyve gathered in groups of several dozen to a few hundred. Worries of massive protests that might bring violence and a cacophony of chanting have been elusive.

With Isaac making its way northward toward the Gulf Coast, brushing Tampa Bay, the Republican National Convention has been pushed off to a later start. Protesters might also be staying away because of the storm, whose path and intensity has been difficult to predict.

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  1. ‘Some day a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets’

    Hey, that long-awaited day has at long last arrived!

  2. JohnInMA says:

    Soon the professional (meaning paid) protesters will be fighting for ‘protest justice’ and will not only be looking for relief from hacks like Pelosi, but for laws and regulation to force the media/news class to give them more ink and air time.

    I have an idea. Let’s petition the courts to commandeer CurrentTV and turn it over to the 99%/Occupy groups. That’s pretty much in line with they way those groups see governing, yes?