Why Doesn’t Harry Reid Answer Sourced Accusations Of Racism And Corruption?

August 2, 2012

Per Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, Harry Reid is doubling down on his unsourced allegations against Mitt Romney on taxes.

UpdateII: Reid just repeated the accusation on the floor of the Senate:

A look back through time demonstrates a wealth of accusations against Harry Reid he has never actually answered, generally prefering to only attack in response.

He's worked in government most of his life. How did he become worth millions? Was it his time on Nevada's gaming commission? Plus, along with a racial comment cited below, he was accused of racism for opposing an African-American from serving out Barack Obama's term in the Senate. By Reid's current standard, there is more evidence to suggest he's a corrupt racist, than there is reason to question Mitt Romney's past when it comes to paying his taxes.

Harry Reid is a senior U.S. Senator and a member of the Democratic Party, as well as an attorney at law and has a net worth of $5 million. Harry Reid has earned his net worth through his lucrative career in politics, and as a city attorney in his early years. He also served as Lieutenant Governor of Nevada in 1971. In 1977 he began serving as chairman for the Nevada Gaming Commission, and held this position until 1981.

He’s been accused of trying to increase the value of his own property by having a bridge built between Nevada and Arizona. He was also accused of using campaign contributions for personal use, and in using his political power to help a friend who is also one of his son’s (an attorney) clients to build a golf course. Other accusations include taking donations from four Indian tribes during the Jack Abramoff Indian Lobbying Scandal and it was proven that Reid had a general increase in Indian contributions during that time.

Harry Reid married Landra Gould in 1959 and they are the parents of four sons, Rory, Josh, Leif and Key, and one daughter, Lana. His son Josh, was appointed by President Barack Obama, to the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s Governing Board as a presidential appointee, and is a partner in the law firm, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck. Another son, Rory, (an elected commissioner for Clark Country, Nevada) was also nominated in the Governor of Nevada election. Another son put his hat in the ring for municipal office for Cottonwood Heights, Utah. Key Reid is a former attorney at the law offices of Lionel, Sawyer and Collins. Leif Reid is a lawyer dealing with administrative law, utilities, energy and commercial for the law offices of Lionel, Sawyer and Collins.

There were requests that Harry Reid should resign his position in the senate, after making a racial comment during President Obama’s campaign, but were told that there is no chance of that happening. Reid apologized for his comment, both publicly and to the President himself, in which President Obama accepted.


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  1. RebeccaH says:

    Harry Reid is the epitome of everything that’s wrong with our present political class.

  2. JEM says:

    Nothing but lawyers and leeches (those sets, of course, are not disjoint) in that bunch.

  3. EBL says:

    Don’t forget to ask Dingy Harry Reid about charges of him being into pederasty.

  4. EBL says:

    I do not know if it is true about Harry Reid, but I believe Reid has never disproved it either. We should know one way or the other.

  5. Norbert Buttguster says:

    Somebody said that Harry Reid regularly dons a girl’s cheerleader costume, complete with white boots, and dances to his plants in the moonlight. We need to know whether such behavior from such a high ranking government official is true.

  6. njoriole says:

    Is there a more vile, loathsome individual serving in government at this time? (Ok, maybe a tie with Nancy Pelosi.)

  7. Leahcim says:

    “….political class..”
    That term explains the root problem.

  8. SacTownMan says:

    I hear that Harry’s mom did pornography photo shoots with a known communist!!!
    Oh wait that was Barry’s mom… nevermind!!

  9. Snidely says:

    To paraphrase General Honore: Don’t get stuck on stupid, Harry.
    Ooops… too late. Looks like Harry’s been stuck on stupid for 50 years.

  10. Dave says:

    Let’s not forget about his corrupt land deals that landed him in hot water, using his position to get legislation through and then buying up the land, then using family connections with shell companies to strongarm the zoning board into rezoning the land. It would have landed anyone else in prison, but…hey, look over there! Someone has the wrong opinion! Go boycott!

  11. SDN says:

    I think Mitt should sue for libel; just the discovery would be teh awesome. And after all, Harry couldn’t object unless he has something to hide.

  12. TexasMom2102 says:

    Thanks Nevada, for giving us the nausea that keeps returning… Gag

  13. Diggs says:

    Q. What is the difference between a Hoover vacuum and the Senate Democratic Caucus?
    A. There’s only one dirtbag in a Hoover.

  14. mac says:

    Yeah, but they both suck.

  15. gracepmc says:

    Perhaps Reid’s current baseless accusations against Romney, repeated on the Senate Floor and now part of the official record, is probably just part of the ongoing price he had to pay to get Obama to accept his apology for making that long ago racist comment. Graciously accepting apologies from someone who made a racist comment about him does not seem to be part of this President’s character.

  16. Anglo-Saxon says:

    “I think Mitt should sue for libel; just the discovery would be teh awesome. And after all, Harry couldn’t object unless he has something to hide.”
    Brilliant idea from the wingnut brain-trust! I agree that it would be a great idea for Wimpy Willard to call MORE attention to his tax returns by suing under a cause of action that would ultimately require him to release his tax returns in order to prove his case. You’re right; discovery WOULD be awesome – just not for the reasons you *believe*.
    That and Reid hasn’t said anything that’s actionable.
    But, yes please, keep calling more attention to Wimpy Willard’s taxes by whining about mean old Harry Reid.