Crossroads GPS, American Crossroads Pour New Money Into 6 Senate Races

September 28, 2012

Nothing in PA. I’d love to see Casey, Jr.defeated.

A conservative super PAC has jumped back into the Indiana Senate race with a nearly $1 million ad buy highlighting Democratic nominee Joe Donnelly’s support for two of President Barack Obama’s policies.

The Indiana buy is part of more than $6.4 million worth of air time that Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads bought this week in six Senate contests, according to Federal Election Commission records. The money also was dedicated to races in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

More via New Money Into 6 Senate Races.

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  1. JohnInMA says:

    FL and OH should be the focus of every GOP PAC in existence. VA seems to be a little less challenging, but shouldn’t be totally avoided, either. The more people come out and vote for the GOP Congressional candidates, the better for Romney.