Libyan source of Ambassador Stevens video appears to be linked to pro-Qaddafi forces

September 17, 2012

It would appear that the first video ever posted by abdalgader fadl, noted here,  involved a tribute to a Qaddafi supporter who had been killed by revolutionary forces.

Thanks to an email tip, I found a cached YouTube page with the militaristic video I mentioned here that was the first and only video uploaded by the account of abdalgader fadl” “Published on Jan 24, 2012 by abdalgader fadl.”


It’s at the very bottom of this cached page, still view-able once you have the link. The Chrome translation for the text beneath it is:

deepest condolences and sympathy over the death of the late, God willing hero martyr (Sharif Alakory)
, who lifted his soul pure on 23.01.2012 during the performance of his duty towards his homeland pray to Allah to accept the deceased from Chdaan enter paradise.
and funeral body Tahir to his final resting place today 01/24/2012 after the noon prayer, where s funeral will be held in the neighborhood near the corner of the market year
to God and to Him we return
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After searching out the name  ‘hero martyr (Sharif Alakory),” I arrived here on Facebook – of Libya S.O.S.

Apparently on 23-01 resistance killed Sharif Salem Muhamed Moussa Alakory in Benghazi, who belonged to a so-called security cell, wounded along with him was Mohammed Hassi. The first one in the chest, the other one in the foot (he’s undergoing treatment at the moment).

Additional searching provided this tidbit:

Some have seen the video of the Ambassador being dragged out a window. There CAN be some debate on the motivation for the fist pumping of those responsible for him being moved. However, the young man who uploaded the video is linked directly to this FaceBook page, which is definitely pro-Qaddafi.



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