Nanny State: Shocking Photo of Baby Doing a Keg Stand Prompts Child Abuse Investigation

September 29, 2012

So, no alcohol was consumed and it was staged for laughs. And now the parents are being investigated? Why? Maybe they should investigate why the ASU “campus police” think that’s necessary and, you know, fire some of them.

Did the parents of a tailgating toddler go too far? The photo captures a baby in diapers being held over into a keg stand position as onlookers smile and snap pictures. Now the parents are under investigation for possible child abuse by Arizona State University campus police. The baby did not consume any alcohol and the photo was a staged attempt at some laughs. More via Fox News Insider.

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  1. pa says:

    This makes a mockery of real child abuse cases. Roman Polanski is excused for raping a 14-year-old girl after drugging her, yet that’s not anything for us to be concerned about. But show us a bit of harmless family horseplay — yeah, that’s where we should be directing all of society’s outrage (and resources) over the abuse of children.

  2. Chipperoo says:

    Start ‘im out early. The kid’ll be a legacy admission at ASU.