Netanyahu to set ‘red line’ on Iran at UN

September 27, 2012

“Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to the United Nations on Thursday to declare the “clear red line” that Iran’s nuclear drive must not cross if it is to avoid attack.

Netanyahu was to address the UN General Assembly in New York shortly after Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas, but was expected to overshadow his rival at a summit dominated by talk of war in Syria and tension with Iran.

“In his speech, the prime minister will set a clear red line,” a senior Israeli official told reporters traveling with Netanyahu, referring to the trigger that could dramatically escalate the confrontation with Tehran.

Western powers share Israel’s fear that Iran is on the brink of developing a nuclear weapon that could dramatically tip the balance of power in an already volatile Middle East and set off a regional atomic arms race.”

Hmm- more via AFP: Israeli PM to set ‘red line’ on Iran at UN.

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