O.J. did it! Kato Kaelin says O.J. Simpson killed wife Nicole, he was ‘too scared’ to say so

September 20, 2012

Now he tells us! Is there a book deal?

One of the stars of the OJ Simpson trial has claimed that he did kill his ex-wife.

Kato Kaelin said that the actor was the one who butchered Nicole Simpson but that he was ‘too scared’ to say so during the 1994 hearing.

Instead he has waited until now so that the statute of limitations has expired until he feels about to speak out.

via O.J. did it!  Mail Online.

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  1. Linda C says:

    Either Kaelin lied then, or he’s lying now. Either way, it makes him a liar, and anything he says is suspect.

    If he lied then, he’s a weasel for knowingly helping a criminal go free.

    If he’s lying now, he’s a pig for bringing this ugliness to the fore again.

  2. Frank Totten says:

    OJ killed Nicole? Who knew? Thank God we have Kato to clear that up for us.

  3. Man, this Obama economy is hurtin’ everyone. Kato must need a loan for his habit.