Oh, God – WARNING GRAPHIC: Chris Stevens Photo?: Image Appears To Show U.S. Ambassador After Benghazi Attack (GRAPHIC)

September 12, 2012

Via HuffPo. Image below. Warning VERY graphic.

Following the White House’s confirmation of the death of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans, an image purporting to show Ambassador Chris Stevens has been released by AFP/Getty Images.

According to the Getty caption, eyewitnesses identified the man as 52-year-old Chris Stevens, a seasoned diplomat.


via Chris Stevens Photo?: Image Appears To Show U.S. Ambassador After Benghazi Attack (GRAPHIC).



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  1. mack says:

    If is any comfort to his family, there appears to be little blood/wounds and the black lips are suggestive of his passing from smoke inhalation from the fire.

    • Byron says:

      I am certain that there is little comfort for the family in the fact that this man
      was killed in this way and dragged out in
      street like a prize deer. This is unacceptable!

  2. Jokediggy says:

    The caption accompanying this photo on the wire says he is unconscious here. The doctor who tried to save him reported he was brought in “barely alive.” This photo isn’t nearly as “graphic” as this website would have you believe. It’s a man suffering severe internal injuries — reportedly suffocation — being hauled from a burning car. It is not a dead body.

    • Joseph MMM says:

      True, but it still isn’t like he’s at a picnic. I think the warning was fair, and for you to question it suggest that you’ve become more desensitized that the rest of us.

    • SASP says:

      Not nearly as hyped as the headlines in CNN, NYTimes, LATimes, SeattleTimes, SFGate…

      • Jokediggy says:

        Please show me the headline in any of those sources that says “Oh God — Graphic Photo.” I’ll wait.

  3. Jokediggy says:

    Headlining the photo “Oh God” is fair? Or is it a way to get clicks? It’s an injured man covered in dirt. There’s no blood, no bones. If you saw this photo without knowing its background, you wouldn’t be offended or upset by it. It’s a hurt man receiving help. Thus, on its own terms, the image isn’t graphic. You could pull it out of a PG movie. If the cutline on it was “A miner is hauled out of a coal mine in West Virginia after becoming lightheaded” — which would be relatively plausible — would it still be worthy of an “Oh God”?

    A photo is “graphic” if it shows nudity, severe external damage to a human body, or imagery that would turn a person’s stomach or otherwise upset them. This photo does none of those things. The only thing “graphic” about it is the knowledge that the man in it later died.

    Part of my job is determining what photos are fit for public consumption and which aren’t. I’m not desensitized, I’m just trained and experienced in what typical media standards are regarding “graphic” images.

    • Dan says:

      STFU retard. The guy is dead. If you have a “job” go do it and get off my blog.

    • Jen says:

      What the hell, what a highly inappropriate comment, especially since you yourself acknowledge that the man later died. If this is indeed Mr. Stevens, it’s showing his last hours alive. Do we even know he’s being rescued here? He could have been dragged out and publicly humiliated on the streets. This is a highly disturbing image.

      • Jokediggy says:

        I never said it wasn’t a disturbing image. Most photos taken in violent situations are disturbing. That’s the entire point of them — to communicate the context of a situation to someone who isn’t there. So what’s the alternative? Never taking pictures of disturbing things? That way we can pretend it isn’t happening, and there’s nothing to worry about.

    • Alex says:

      Then the media are desensitized this days

    • russ says:

      I hate tell you this dumbass i have seen many dead and they don’t have holes in them.

      • Jokediggy says:

        I never said they did. What I did say is that the photographer who took the picture and the doctor who treated Stevens both said he was alive in this picture. So whose word am I taking? Two people with more direct knowledge of the situation than just about anyone else in the world, or a bunch of horrified bloggers half a world away?

        • Dan says:

          For your enlightenment, the graphic warning is with that image just about everywhere, as it should be. The “Oh God” portion was actually more an expression of sadness, as I anticipated more images coming. That is who these people are – it is what they do. There are at least 3 circulating now and the government has a video. That portion was more sadness, than shock at the time. And as an Indie blogger, I’ll continue to express myself as I choose. What you think about it is your problem.

        • Val says:

          This is only ONE photo — I saw 4 photos of him; and they were dreadful. Completely naked……absolutely heartbreaking. Do not be fooled.

    • Byron says:

      It looks like the death of American
      Foreign Policy to me. Perhaps all are
      too young to remember Mogadishu, Somali
      or Tehran, Iran. No, this is outrageous, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t kid

  4. 2fast4u says:

    Please tell me someone did not know this was coming.,,that no one predicted this attack. America tends to sleep and forget , while individuals , groups in the middle east and abroad are still plotting to inflict violence to Americans. We sent our diplomats , ambassadors,politicians, aid groups to areas around the Globe that we know is dangerous and risky. Its been a decade since 911 and one movie comes out to stir up violence . They want us to be sensitive about what we put out in movies while some fanatics can behead americans and put it on the internet ?? Why not just shut down these websites, third world medias and have them learn to respect our beliefs and our way of life. If they dont want us in their country , then pack up and leave and return the favor. Im sure well still have ways to know whats going inside that country…we always have. What is up with our integrity , our security …these same countries are making us weak by having us respect their way of life…but fuck our way of life?

    • 2fast4u says:

      Just to add….i see this picture of our ambassador ..a representative of my country in a country that is so unpredictable…and ive come to the conclusion that he was all by himself, unarmed and know one was able to defend him.. no military presence, no guards …im sure Libya said to our folks that he was safe, have no worries. WTF!

      • judy says:

        I agree. What is going on in our country? Our President is denying it was planned even though the terroist came with rocket propelled weapons and it was on 9-11. H
        e doesn’t want the American people to know that his foreign policies aren’t working and they won’t when you apologize to our enemies and ignore our allies. The Liberals and liberals media need to open their eyes and forget their loyalty to a party that is destroying our country. They are like blind mice following the pied piper leading us all off the cliff.

    • James "Guin" McGuinness says:

      The people in the Middle East are plotting to kill Americans? Why? Could it have anything to do with the fact that the US was responsible for inserting the Shah into power in Iran? Or the bombings and killing in Iraq and Afghanistan? the drone strikes everywhere? Most people in the Middle East never cared about our way of life until we began killing them. If the US Learned to leave people alone in their own homes, we would all be better off. This country needs a Department of Defense, instead of Offense.

    • Lee says:

      Finally someone hit the nail on the head….thank you…all of a sudden we are suppose to change our ways of living because the middle east doesn’t agree…we must remember all who shed their blood through the centuries, who believed in our country and for which it stands…we need a leader who believes in our America…

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  6. kocsis says:

    We are being told again what and how ro think. Maybe spec ops did get rid of him? Maybe others, maybe these bastards. But the main think is that it should never have happened. And with Kaddhafy in charge it did not.

  7. kocsis says:

    Was he killed by exploding cellphone?

  8. Aub says:

    “After U.S. consulate in Benghazi began taking fire in attack, personnel effectively lost track of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens — shown being dragged by Libyans — and did not recover his body until hours later. It was not known whether Stevens was alive when photo was taken.”
    Source: AFP

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/slideshow/2012/09/11/protesters-storm-us-embassy-in-cairo/#slide=18#ixzz26aQkW1IY

    not sure what to believe … i had two completely different feelings about this photo, the first was way different than the 2nd after doing a search and finding this information here about those people in the picture actually helping him … i totally don’t put it past the media for shock value; i found it unlikely that if it was really unknown wether he was dead or alive in the photo that it would be there on foxnews.com for anyone to see (which is why i did a search) i’ve been mislead by wording before and have learned to be cautious as to what i draw from what i see and here in the news.

    • Val says:

      As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I received an email that had 4 photos of Ambassador Stevens in it. They were horrendous…….completely naked out on the street. There is another photo of him, and trust me, there is no doubt that man was not alive. Sickening photos and I will not ever forget them.

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  10. Kim Gradolph says:

    We have to wake up as a nation! This man was murdered a American Ambassador! And the presedent go’s to Las Vegas and tells the crowd they are just like this man who died!WAKE UP PEOPLE! Obama is going to kill us we are going to get far worse than 9-11 if we don’t get this man out of the white house.I write this as a AMERICAN! Not a rep or dem!We are not safe!WAKE UP!!!!

    • judy says:

      We have a President who has told the President of Russia to wait until after the election because he can be more flexible. Wait a minute, does he have a crystal ball or what? Hopefully, he will get a big surprise. Also, everyone read the Audacity of, Barack’s own words and pay special attention to page 261 whereas, he says, “if the winds of America turn against the muslims, I will side with the muslims.” does that give anyone chills?

  11. Mark says:

    If you think you are getting the truth from our administration or media needs to wake up. It has been known directly from the Lybian Leaders and several warning weeks before this SEPT 11th terrorist attack. What should the Headlines be when Americans learn that not only was American Diplomants killed Mr. Stevens was tortured, sodomized and YES dragged through the street?
    Now how do you feel that our President was sitting in front of Entertainment Weekly photog shoots on the day that the dead bodies return ( off his official schedule- confirmed by Tweets from Magazine editors) I say ‘oh my God!’ as watching our President on David Letterman not even knowing what the national debt is when asked by Mr. Letterman and continues to mislead Americans that this Terrorist attack was because Youtube trailer clip, when the rest of the world has been reporting the Sept. 11th Terrorist attack was lead by AL Quedia .

    • Freedom4US says:

      Yes, Mark, you are totally correct. Not only is his death, torture etc. disgusting, but the ho-hum behavior of this president when 4 Americanslost their lives is beyond appalling. Yucking it up with the Hollywood crowd at such a time.! What Judy said is true. Just listen to his own words that he will side with the Muslims– because he is a Muslim and the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on this nation.

      • Val says:

        You are so right Freedom4US…….and it makes me sick to my stomach. If he is put in for 4 more years, it is beyond scary what is in store for America and every single person who lives in the USA. You are so right in all you said. We still know nothing about him; and until my last breath I will say he was not born in the USA.

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  14. will says:

    The yahoo that put Chris Steven’s photo up should be shot and dead body put on display..

  15. Bobilino says:

    This is the worst example of how brainwashed Obama supporters have become. To attempt to defend allowing a MASSACRE like this to occur to a US AMBASSADOR!! The man was SODOMIZED!!! What the hell is wrong with you all. There is no defending this. Only holding the incompetent idiots that allowed this accountable. END OF STORY. LOOK AT HIM u fucking idiots when you think your pussyness has no consequences

  16. Good grief says:

    I WANT ANSWERS NOW!!!!! Who in the hell should be held accountable for this atrocity? And for the fast and the furious? Let’s not forget Mr. O wants to do away with the 2nd amendment. As one of the WE in We the People, I want to know. Behind closed doors or executive priviledge? WE THE PEOPLE have a RIGHT to know what the hell is going on. It has been far too long. Our country is in the toilet on the way to the sewer and he’s doing the flushing and has the nerve to smile about.