Video: Obama’s woefully weak address to the nation this morning

September 12, 2012

I don’t think it’s just me. Could be, as I oppose him. But I don’t sense any strength in this Obama address. He doesn’t seem connected with events. It’s almost as if he’s discussing a street crime in Chicago, not the killing of an American ambassador abroad. I’m not sure he’s channeling the feelings across America on this one. They may be expecting a little more from a POTUS, at least rhetorically.

Also, he has to include that ridiculous freedom of religion nonsense, which is like blaming it on this filmmaker. That guy may be a nut, or a pain, or whatever, but it’s not his fault religious zealots strike out like this in the Middle-east. That seems lost on Obama. It’s as if he always has to blame someone else for another’s actions. h/t Jim Hoft for the Fox video.

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  1. Elmo says:

    Like any guut syphilitic goat f*cker, der Fuehrer equivocates: ‘damn fookin Joofilmaker!’ Before stating: ‘without equivocation’! We’re minutes away people … from Bibi uncorking a beeg can of Raid. Wait. Watch. See.

  2. Debra Carey says:

    NO MENTION of Copts and Jews being CRUCIFIED IN EGYPT? The murdering of Copts WAS the theme of the movie that supposedly caused all this.
    My opinion is that is the excuse, the REAL REASON is to attack America on 9/11. And our president is campaigning in Vegas today, mad at Romney for being more ‘Presidential’ than he is!

  3. lindsay says:

    is this really surprising to anybody? what do people expect-obama to actually defend america? get real! this IS the weakest, lamest, most spineless, gutless, imcompetent, worthless cowardly “leader” in united states history, after all. if this doesn’t prove he’s not capable of being our leader, then i don’t know what does. obama is an absolute disgrace.

  4. Chipperoo says:

    You’re right. Bloodless and banal, no emotion, just going through the motions. Keep in mind that Obama Doesn’t Care.

    He doesn’t care about the unnamed marines who died, he doesn’t care about Ambassador Stevens or Sean Smith, he just doesn’t care.

    He cares only for his re-election, his personal vanity and his ideology. If it affects those then he acts. Here he’s grudging and almost robotic. That’s how you can tell he’s doing it because he must, but he hates every minute of it.