William Bouvay, LSU bomb plot suspect arrested: also appears to be on Facebook

September 19, 2012

Reuters report that a William Bouvay of Baton Rouge  has been arrested for calling in a false bomb threat to LSU on a day when multiple colleges and universities received similar threats after the Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack.

Police confirmed that they have arrested a person connected with the LSU bomb threat that forced an evacuation of the main campus on Monday.

Police Capt. Corey Lalonde said officers arrested William Bouvay Jr., 42, of Baton Rouge late Tuesday night after an investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies. He was charged with communication false information of a planned bombing on school property, according to CBS affiliate WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge, La

CBS has additional details and a photo.

Based on photo comparisons, this would at least appear to be William Bouvay’s Facebook account.

Along with posting several images of himself, in his timeline Bouvay discusses his fiancee, at some point finding God – and wishes a daughter well upon graduation. His motivation for calling in the threat remains unclear.


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