Autumn Pasquale Murder: Daily News names names: Justin Robinson, Dante Robinson, allegedly beat and strangled 12-year-old girl

October 24, 2012

Update: combines sources. The article in question has a Daily News header. I’ve changed my headline to reflect that.

Hmm. This is also despicable – Alleged killer “liked” “Find Autumn Pasquale” Facebook page– they were likely monitoring progress of the search and investigation. As for naming them, I am wondering if their rationale is, they named themselves through social media?

Justin Robinson knew exactly where Pasquale was – because he allegedly had lured her to his home on East Clayton Avenue on Saturday afternoon and then beat and strangled the seventh-grader with the help of his brother, Dante Robinson, 17  before they stuffed her into a blue recycling container..

SEARCHERS returned from the forests and fields Sunday night, their voices hoarse from calling Autumn’s name, and those who loved her the most huddled close together in Clayton, holding fast to hope.

Meanwhile, at 8:16 p.m., a 15-year-old Clayton boy logged onto Facebook and, along with nearly 17,000 other people across the country, clicked “Like” on the FIND AUTUMN PASQUALE page.

But authorities say Justin Robinson knew exactly where Pasquale was – because he allegedly had lured her to his home on East Clayton Avenue on Saturday afternoon and then beat and strangled the seventh-grader with the help of his brother, Dante Robinson, 17, before they stuffed her into a blue recycling container.

Tuesday’s revelation that Pasquale’s alleged murderers were Clayton residents – teens who lived just a few blocks from Pasquale – made it all the more heartbreaking for residents. Thousands of fliers were handed out, plastered in windows and on telephone poles, even out by the fall foliage along Wilson Lake. On Monday night, just hours before a searcher found Pasquale inside the container by the curb next-door to the Robinson home, hundreds gathered for a candlelight vigil, softly singing “Amazing Grace” as Autumn’s father, Anthony, sobbed.

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  2. Duane says:

    Does it really surprise you that vile nigger savages would do something like this?
    The real crime is the media brainwashing of dumb whites into believing that niggers are human…This is why this innocent (but dumb) beautiful girl is dead….

    • YourAnIdiot says:

      Where you saying this when a white man walked into a movie theater and shot at dozens of people killing several? You are an idiot as well.

      • Richard says:

        The “white” guy you mention obviously has some nigger blood somewhere in his lineage. No real white would ever commit such a savage act. Niggers, on the other hand, thrive on such acts. So, put the blame where it belongs – on the nigger.

    • DD says:

      you are so ignorant. that is a redicioulous un true statement. its people stupid people like you wwho keep racism alive.there are crazy people of all ethnicties

      • Mike says:

        I grew up in a nigger neighborhood. Trust me, there all animals. Just look at the statistics. It’s a fact!!!!!

        • Seriously?! says:

          Now it makes sense. Your ignorance and lack of intelligence must be a result of growing up in that kind of neighborhood…it rubbed off on you. Or did your sick, ignorant ways rub off on your black neighbors. Either way, I feel so bad for anyone who had/has to live near you. Poor black people….

          • Lawl says:

            Did you just say he became stupid for living around stupid niggers as some argument against them being savages? lolol. It’s simple, anecdotes are not evidence. The evidence is that blacks are far, far more likely to kill whites than vice versa, and this is a prime example of what happens when people like you lionise blacks. She thought she had a cool friend, she found a nigger.

    • dd rr says:

      You commenters are getting caught up on a word and discounting Duane’s statement as racist, thus invalid. Not all black people are niggers, but niggers steal BIKES and LIVES. It really has little to do with skin color other than the fact that black people USE the color of their skin as an excuse to be niggers. By the way, I am black and sick and tired of niggers making black people look bad.

    • Sonja says:

      I’m betting you’re a left-wing nutter trol, trying to stir up trouble while distracting from this horrendous story.

  3. Spanky says:

    Gee, I wonder if white apologists like Chris Matthews get a tingle up their legs when this sort of thing happens which is NEVER a hate crime or racial when a nigger does something to a white person.

    “Wake up white people”

    • YourAnIdiot says:

      So what is it called when a white person does it to a white person? You are an idiot.

      • Richard says:

        Real whites, pure whites, don’t kill – only those with some nigger blood in their lineage do the killing. It’s also true that not all blacks are niggers (although those that aren’t are few and far between). It’s not that different from terrorism where they say that not all A-rabs are terrorists, but ALL terrorists are a-rabs. Well, the same holds true here – not all blacks are niggers, but all niggers are black.

        • kim says:

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      • Mike says:

        We don’t kill each other in record numbers you dooch bag.

      • Mike says:

        Last time I checked this wasn’t about whites killing whites. This is about 2 chimp monkey niggers killing a 12 year old white girl over a fuckin bike. Get lost, your worse than a nigger

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  5. Martta Kelly says:

    Bravo for the news organizations that named names. I don’t care how old you are, if you commit a heinous crime like this, you deserve the public’s condemnation and consternation. Period. Tired of coddling kids like this. And what kind of parents raise not one but TWO kids like this? There is more to this story than meets the eye.

    • L says:

      wow,really? for the record, it’s ignorance not skin color that makes people niggers. So richard that makes you not only the biggest “richard” but the biggest nigger as well. You’re one seriously ignorant pos. I think people with the verbal “runs” like you should be segregated and imprisoned rather than any one race as a whole. It’s diminishing the value of any human life that’s the problem with people today.

      • Richard says:

        Ho hum… Another koon lover. Why don’t you go eat some fried chicken. Or better yet, go get a job and get off welfare.

      • M Wilson says:

        So you’re saying if you don’t like Africans or the things they do you should be imprisioned.

        You’re a POS, an idiot and a very dangerous person. You should be deported to Africa and live the dream in Africa. After all, they’re just like Europeans.

        • Richard says:

          Hey M. WIlson, I misunderstood your post and I apologize for calling you a chickenshit. If you prefer to call them africans instead of what they are – niggers – then go ahead. As long as you know that nigger is nigger – regardless what word you use, then you’re cool by me.

      • Lawl says:

        race doesn’t refer to skin color, it refers to different allele frequencies resulting from evolving in separate places on the globe. albino africans have all the same tendencies as the black ones. You know this, you’re just afraid of it.

    • mike gregg says:

      It would probably interest you to know that the mother of these two little darlings called first to ask if there was a reward she could collect before she turned them in.

  6. Kiki says:

    It is sad how this beautiful young girl’s life ended. Let us pray that her family finds strength to keep going. As for us parents lets hug our kids tight and lets raise them so that they can contribute to society in a positive way and not kids who are a burden to society. Its not about race, color religion its about how you are raised. I am not white, I am hispanic but nonetheless human. I dont care what color these boys are to me they are despicable. They deserve no mercy.

    • Mike says:

      Oh but it was ok to point out the shooter who killed trevon Martin was white?? This poor girl got 10 seconds of media airtime. If that was two whites who killed a nigger, you wouldn’t be able to watch cartoons without seeing that shit across the screen. Wake the fuck up!!!

      • Richard says:

        The mainstream media is full of white-hating koon lovers who sit around all day long eating fried chicken and wishing they were nigs.

  7. Mike says:

    Well said.

  8. Dianna says:

    I wonder if these two boys would look just like the sons of Obama if he had a son?
    Death penalty. Here lately you watch people practically walk away from murder due to our system. You need to push the death penalty and then see how brave you are.

  9. Phil Dowt says:

    i hate niggers, they ruin everything. did you ever think how great this country would be if we got rid of all the niggers. and i am not talking about just black people, i worked with a few blacks that were top notch people. you know who i am talking about, you take one look and know

  10. johnny says:

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  11. Richard says:

    It is time for a race war. A cleansing of society. When Obama loses in a landslide, the niggers will start to riot. And when they do, I will be ready to defend my family and property. It will be open season and I can hardly wait.

  12. Sue says:

    So I know many of the comments on this are just trolls. But I do want to enlighten some of the truly ignorant people out there by pointing out that white males have been responsible for the most horrible acts of killing, torture, and violence in history. Just look at the inquisitions, the witch burnings, the extermination of entire cultures, even the majority of modern serial killers are white.

    • Richard says:

      Another ignorant koon lovin’ bitch. The “whites” you speak of are not pure whites. They have nigger blood in their lineage. And it is the nigger demon inside that causes them to kill. Real whites are civilized. It’s a fact Jack.

    • mike gregg says:

      In their home countries in Africa violence is a daily part of life its how the make a living. In the past it was a way of lif for one tribe to raid another and kill or enslave the weaker tribe. This goes on today just look at the wars going on over there today remember Rawanda, Sierleone, Samolia, the list goes on. Now they want to bring those legacys here to our country and with the consent of the president they gonna get they way.

  13. Steve says:

    We are ALL OVER Hurricane Sandy with maps and more maps posted on CC…

  14. Andrew X says:

    Boy, I came in here yesterday and was shocked and perplexed by what I was seeing, and retreated in confusion.

    Now I see that the owner of the house has fallen ill (Godspeed to you, Dan) and now the forces of Right-Thinking Tolerance (and the people posting here that I speak of come from that very left, make NO mistake about it) see this as an opportunity to invade the house, smear it with excrement, steal its valuable reputation, and will, as soon as the owner returns, slither back into the slimy rocks in which they dwell.

    Tell me again why we should really think in terms of race at all when the ONLY people doing so are leftist activists who are using race for the most obscene and loathsome purposes?

    I would call you scum, posters here above me and you know damn well who you are, but then I would have to go to my local pond and apologize to the algae there for insulting it.

    • M Wilson says:

      Dear Andrew X,

      It sounds like you rattle on in a senseless and mindless statement.

      Why don’t you put all these nigger haters in their place.

      Show everyone the facts? Show them the African communities with the low or non existant crime rate.

      Show them how Africans bring up a neighborhoods, cities or states.

      Show them the all the African countries that are prosperous and have a low crime rates.

      Show them all of the great building and architecture built over the last 1,000 years by blacks in African and not just the mud and stick shanties and huts.

      Show them all of the great African manufactured products that are shipped all over the world.

      Show everyone, otherwise you will look like a senseless fool, and of course, we know you’re not that.

  15. M Wilson says:

    You’ve gotta teach your kids to stay away from Africans. They’re dangerous and bad people as a rule.

    This poor girls parents and our department of education have failed her misreable.

    The second a African called her or talked to her she should have turned and went the other way.

    It would be horrible to live in a neighborhood with them.

  16. Andrew X says:

    M Wilson – Go away. Begone. Obama is going to lose, regardless of your insectile efforts.

    Yeah, we ALL believe you are who you imply you are. Totally.


    • M Wilson says:

      Andrew X – Is that all you have is mindless statements and insults? Why not put me in my place with some solid facts?

      You must be African or have never lived in a black neighborhood.

      • Andrew X says:

        Funny you should say that. I am white, conservative, and I live in DC. How ’bout that??

        In the off chance that you are being sincere, then you are quite capable of reading the language and nature of yours and other posts here, and understanding that they serve the interests of the left and of the racial hustlers to a tee. One would have to be a damn fool not to see that. I will respect enough to assume you are not a damn fool, hence my conclusion that you are trying to serve the left by discrediting the right, and doing so because Mr. Reihl is terribly unfortunately medically indisposed, and not in a position to assert control here.

        Either way, say what you will in response, I do not intend to continue this conversation any further.

        • M Wilson says:

          X – What else can you do? You have no facts.

          You’re only hope it silence the truth. To bad for you Mr. Riehl is sick.

          • mike gregg says:

            he should put his head together with mr reealfacts down below. Maybe he can come up with some facts whether thet be real or not.

        • mike gregg says:

          So what im hereing is that if Mr Riehl(bless his heart) werent sick he would be censoring all of the comments that clash with his liberal view point. I can agree with censoring out the vulgarity, but censoring comments just because you dont have any facts to fight back with is what they do in communist regimes, the next step is arrest and imprisoment of thos who dare speak against the leader.Is that your perfect world?

        • Richard says:

          Hey Andrew x – You left naive, nigger lover, and dumbshit jackass off your list.

    • M Wilson says:

      Also Andrew X – If this beautiful young girl would have been taught properly, she would be alive today and not a victim of these African animals.

  17. realfacts says:


  18. joethefatman™ (@joethefatman1) says:

    So Dan is in the hospital fighting for his life, and a bunch of left wing sock-puppets decide that it’s time smear his site with racism. How PROGRESSIVE! How TOLERANT! How PATHETIC! Now go back to Kos and HuffPo, you’re in your element there.

  19. realfacts says:

    Wow ! so now today, its a shame to be racial when its flipped bak on you. How about all the people who started this go get some rest…. Oh! thats right, the devil dont sleep.

    • M Wilson says:

      Realfacts – I got a better idea. Why don’t we all sit around and brain storm for awhile, and try to figure out how to keep the next beautiful young white girl from being murdered by African animals.

      Laydown the crack pipe, and make yourself usefull. When you come up with some good ideas, get back with us.

  20. Richard says:

    If by filth you mean the comments from the libs and nig lovers, I’m with you. If you mean comments that speak the truth about niggers, then go to hell.

  21. Richard says:

    We deal with niggers, and nigger lovers, in our own way. We’ll deal with the two of you too – realfacts the nigger, and bran the nigger lover.

  22. M Wilson says:

    Realfacts- Most of us know what would happen if we went to the hood and spoke the truth. It wouldn’t be a civil conversation. The African animals would show themselves the murders they are.

    Are you proud of yourself for being such a vile creature? You’re no better than an animal with your crime and senselessness.

  23. M Wilson says:

    As for you Debbie, you rattle on in senseless statements and insults without really saying anything.

    If you’re such a brain as you seem to imply, than why not tell us with facts and statistics. Show us your brain, not that you can just run your mouth.

    Show us how living in the “hood” and with Africans benefits those of European decent? I can show you Autumn Pasquale, and the list of victims goes on.

    Look at Realfacts, he telling me to go to the “hood” so they can make me a victim to. He’s open about his propensity to violence and murder.

    How can you be so naïve and brainwashed as to support these uncivilized African animals.

  24. M Wilson says:

    Realfacts – I can tell, your heart is filled with anger and hatred. My guess is you’re a murderer, the same as those 2 aminals that murdered Autumn.

    You should be shipped back to Africa or incarserated to keep others safe.

  25. Lawl says:

    In other words, you threaten those who disagree with you because you’re that much of a bigot for the status quo, and then wonder why it might require anonymity to speak the trth.