Autumn Pasquale vigil turns to morning as body believed to be 12-year-old is found

October 23, 2012

A small town in southern New Jersey has turned from desperate searching to mourning on Tuesday after a body preliminarily identified as a missing 12-year-old girls was found in a homes recycling bin.

The Gloucester County Prosecutors Office announced early Tuesday that they believed the body of Autumn Pasquale was found around 10 p.m. Monday, in a recycling bin at the home just blocks away from her house and from Borough Hall, where thousands of people gathered earlier in the evening for a tearful candlelight vigil to pray for the girls safe return.

An autopsy was to be conducted on Tuesday morning to try to determine how and when the girl died.By Tuesday morning, authorities had not announced any arrests or named any suspects. Crime scene investigators arrived shortly before 9 a.m. at the house where the body was found.

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Just before 4 p.m., investigators entered a house behind a Franklin Township, Gloucester County, bar down the street from the lake, where a K-9 dog supposedly had picked up a scent. The owner said he got a call from police at work in Mount Laurel and was asked to come home. “They said they wanted to search my house,” the man said.

The man, whom the Daily News is not identifying, also said he could understand why authorities might have deemed him “suspicious.” His back window was broken recently, he said, and he also is friendly with many teen girls on Facebook because he has a young sister. The man was prepared to give a statement to the Daily News and to other news organizations, but his attorney advised against it.

Authorities left the home after about 20 minutes.

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