The Guardian: Barack Obama’s presidency has not helped the cause of black people in US

October 13, 2012

The basic tenet here is that if you include the prison population, everything from unemployment levels to voter turnout changes. That gets you to a place where a larger percentage of the black population voted  in the Carter/Reagan election, than Obama/McCain. Whatever conclusion one draws from there, it does seem fair to say that as it’s liberal solutions that have been applied to solve these problems, especially in urban areas, clearly they just aren’t working.

Barack Obamas election win in 2008 was hailed by some as ushering in a post-racial age in the US. However, recent books and surveys have shown that black American progress has often either halted or declined.From increasing segregation in the workplace, to hundreds of thousands of young black men in prison, to stuttering levels of black voting and a black middle class sent into reverse by the recession, the election of Americas first black president – and his fight to win a second term – seem to have had little impact on any of this.

For example, adding the prison population to the voting statistics shows that black voter turnout in 2008 – believed to have been a historic high as Obama was elected – was overestimated by 13%. A greater percentage of young black high school dropouts turned out to vote in the 1980 election, when Jimmy Carter lost to Ronald Reagan, than when Obama beat John McCain in 2008. More via US | World news | The Observer.

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  1. Conrad Carter says:

    The United States of America will not have a black President for at leadt one hundred years because of the affirmative action, undocumented and illegal fraud personage called Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama.

  2. JohnInMA says:

    If you read this article from The Guardian in full, it is a useless pile of factoids and quotations from a couple of sociology academics. It neither analyzes the situation (for cause) nor offers anything of value in solutions. And it certain tries especially hard to not actually link Obama in any way, rather it looks to continue the meme that everything bad is not Obama’s fault. By offering one book writer’s opinion that equality for blacks stopped progressing in 1980 (convenient date perhaps???), it implies that Obama inherited yet another problem.