Bev Perlson of Band of Mothers takes on bringing GITMO jihadists to Illinois

October 6, 2012

With video at link below. This is one to keep your eyes on. Why give our sworn enemies the protection of our Constitution? This will not end with them simply being locked up. Before you know it, we’ll have liberal judges turning them loose to attack us, again.

Bev Perlson leads the grass roots organization Band of Mothers (military moms for freedom). Bev is a national treasure. I have been honored to work with her on mnay fronts. She spoke at our 911 SION conference for freedom of speech. Watch her interview on FOX and Friends this morning concerning the seditious move by Obama and several high-ranking Illinois Democrats — including Sen. Dick Durbin and Gov. Pat Quinn, who are trying to bring GITMO jihadists to Illinois prisons.

via Bev Perlson, Band of Mothers, on FOX – Atlas Shrugs.

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