Biden ‘tanks’ in debate: Said we don’t need more M1 Tanks, … they’re built in Ohio – Team Romney attacks

October 13, 2012

Say it ain’t so, Joe? How many Ohio jobs do you want to kill, buddy?

“Joe Biden said a lot of interesting things, one was at a time of increasing danger all around the world,” he said. “He said we ought to be cutting our military. Specifically, he said that we don’t need any more M1 tanks. Did you hear that? Guess where those tanks are made, folks — right here in the state of Ohio. We need M1 tanks because they’re part of the greatest military on the face of the earth. They will ensure that we have a military second to none so that we can keep the peace. We need M1 tanks.” More┬ávia Romney-Ryan ticket hits Obama admin on Ohio made tanks | Fox News.

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  1. toyotabedzrock says:

    First that is not an American tank it is Russian.

    And Ohio does not make new tanks currently, they haven’t in years.

    They just refurbish the previous built shells and upgrade them.