Brothers killed 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale for bike parts, authorities say

October 23, 2012

Updated at 4:50 p.m. ET: CLAYTON, N.J. — Two teenage brothers have been charged in the death of 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale, whose body was found in a recycling bin, a New Jersey prosecutor says.

Gloucester County Prosecutor Sean F. Dalton said Pasquale died in a manner consistent with strangulation.

“There were no signs of sexual assault,” Dalton said, adding “she was lured to the juveniles’ house where this crime was committed. … It was for the purpose of obtaining parts from the BMX bike.”

Autumn was last seen around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday leaving her Clayton home while riding a white BMX bike to a friend’s house. The girl’s parents called police after she never made it to that friend’s house.

via – U.S. News.

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  1. SomeGuy says:

    It’s tempting to say that this is something altogether new, but more than 30 years ago, two kids younger than these two broke into our house while we were away, did several thousand dollars worth of damage to the contents, stabbed our cat to death, then unsuccessfully tried to set the house on fire. They were sentenced to two or three counseling sessions.

    • Hootus says:

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  2. Anthony Lynch says:

    Yeah coz the media/system authorities would never lie to the public about sexual motive in a case where two young adult black males lure a 12 year old White girl into a house and she ends up dead, right? I mean C’MON!! They shouldve easily stolen her bike at any random place or time, but why “lure” the girl into a house? THE REASON OUGHT TO BE CLEAR TO ANYONE WHOM CAN THINK RATIONALLY. This is exactly why the cops and news media are eager to dismiss the motive of two blacks stalking, raping then murdering a white 12 year old…that wouldn’t be PC now, would it?

    • Anthony Lynch says:

      In the pc world of reporting black on white crime, it makes sense to minimize and depict it as a crime “over a bike”. Wouldn’t want to risk perpetuating any stereotypes now would we?

      Question: Did they even bother to wait for m.e./autopsy report before driving at that conclusion?

  3. Anthony Lynch says:

    Sexual motive was indeed part of the crime, but that wouldn’t be pc to report on. Why else would they “lure” her into a house? The could have easily taken her bike at any random place/time. The reason they “lured” her into the house ought to be clear to any thinking human being. It’s the same reason why the media and authorities are so eager to dismiss the motive of sexual assault.

    Stop censoring my posts. I have a right to be heard. I knew the girl.

  4. tickedofftom says:

    These little pigs will be free to do more harm in no time at all. Nuke ’em now!

  5. Hootus says:

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