Burn Notice’s Gabrielle Anwar, 42, soaks up the sun on Miami Beach

October 6, 2012

Sounds like she’s leaving the show. I don’t follow such things that closely but have enjoyed it when I catch it. I’ve always thought she has an interesting look about her, somewhat hard to describe. She can leave me hot, or cold.

No idea what “Ayurverda” is, except for a quick Google I did. But it’s hard to argue with given she’s a 42 year-old mother of 3.

The mother-of-three strolled along the beach and cooled off by dipping her toes in the Atlantic Ocean. Keeping trim: The Middlesex-born actress follows the Ayurverda principles when it comes to her lifestyle.

Pics via Gabrielle Anwar, 42, shows off her svelte body Mail Online.

I actually like the ones here better. It’s all safe for work stuff.

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  1. Whiggish Boffin says:

    It’s a misspelling of Ayurveda, traditional Hindu medicine.