Video: Actor Danny Glover celebrates in Venezuela with Hugo Chavez after election win

October 8, 2012

Danny Glover stood by his friend Hugo Chávez, as the Venezuelan president won another term in the most hotly contested political elections in the South American country’s history.

In a video released on YouTube by Venezuelan news organization Noticiero Digital, Glover is seen celebrating with Chávez just minutes after finding out of his big win.

via Danny Glover Shows Hugo Chavez Love – Fox News Latino.


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  1. Larry Notestine says:

    I wonder if Captain Call wants to take back what he said about him (Deets)?

  2. anti-commie says:

    This guy Glover is a complete and utter idiot. Why can’t we deport him to his communist dreamland down there? Of course, since he has the fearless leader dicatator’s love, he’d likely be assigned a cabinet minister position. What a buffoon. Cold day in hell I’ll ever watch one of his stupid movies again.