Geoffrey Dunn on Gloria All-Med’s October surprise two weeks ago

October 23, 2012

Update: Or is this All-Med’s Romney Hit? Court Battle Over His Involvement in Bitter Divorce. It reads as though it is.

If Gloria All-med‘s so called October surprise is as most are guessing:

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred is heading to court on Wednesday in an attempt to unseal Mitt Romneys sworn testimony in a prior court case and to lift a gag order so her client can talk about the case, according to the celebrity gossip website Radar Online. Citing a source close to the situation, the websites assistant managing editor, Jen Heger, claims that the Boston Globe is planning to cover the 9 a.m. hearing at Norfolk Probate and Family Court in Canton, Massachusetts.

You may want to see this from Geoffrey Dunn on October 10.  It appears the woman wrote about it herself, as well – in a Mormon publication – Exponent II. So claims a reference, anyway.

Sheldon’s doctor advised her that the overdose of Heparin might have also harmed her 8-week-old fetus and, given the possible fatal repercussions to her, he recommended that she abort her pregnancy.

Sheldon, a mother of four at the time (a fifth child had died as an infant), was then a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), outside of Boston. The LDS leader in Massachusetts at that time, called the “stake president,” was a Harvard-trained physician, Dr. Gordon Williams, and he counseled Sheldon to follow her doctor’s advice to terminate the pregnancy and protect her own life, so that she could continue caring for her four living children.

“Of course, you should have the abortion,” she recalled him saying.

According to an account later written anonymously by Sheldon for the LDS women’s journal, Exponent II, it was after receiving this counsel from her Williams supporting the potentially life-saving procedure that she experienced an uninvited visit in her hospital from her Mormon bishop at the time, 36-year-old Mitt Romney, who adamantly opposed the abortion.

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