Hillary Clinton: I did not have security lapse with that embassy, Benghazi

October 10, 2012

Anyone who says they don’t know what happened is either dumb, or playing dumb. Clinton and Obama were in such a rush to show a friendly face to our extremist enemies, they sacrificed security at an Embassy and people died.

That pathetic appeasement video they released AFTER A TERRORIST ATTACK was only confirmation of it. If this were a Republican administration, you’d already be hearing a large number of calls for Hillary to resign – and they’d be raking Obama over the coals for this daily. But the smaht people are in charge now, so – oh, we have to go slow.

I don’t disagree with Issa and his team’s approach, I’m mainly talking about the media in my criticism.

Rep. Issa closes in on Clinton

While Issa has not directly criticized Clinton, one of his lieutenants — Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) — did on Tuesday, arguing the White House and Clinton had been more concerned with normalizing relations with Libya’s new government than with security.

“It seems to be a coordinated effort between the White House and the State Department, from Secretary Clinton to President Obama’s White House,” Chaffetz said on the Fox News Channel morning show.

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  1. Chipperoo says:

    What is it with Hillary?

    She seems unable to shake the users, abusers and losers among the men in her life.

    Bill was dysfunctional enough. But she and Obama are stuck with each other, at least on this one.

    He can’t dump her ’cause he needs her and Bill’s help in this election, now more desperately than ever.

    She can’t walk away from O without destroying her and her husband’s reputation among Dems.

  2. Sharon Glendening says:

    Well it looks like this might ruin her chance for running for President in 2016 huh? If I was her I sure would not take the fall for Obama!

  3. Zilla says:

    She should have just finished out her Senate term in NY instead of joining the flail & fail administration. She has squandered her political capital and likely killed her career. Had she stayed in her Senate job, she’d likely be very popular as 2016 approached and would likely have won a POTUS campaign against a Republican. Now, I think the only way you’ll see another Clinton White House is if Chelsea runs one day – or if the Clintons paint a regular house white.
    And lets never let anyone forget that she stood in front of the caskets of our murdered dead and blamed that silly video which had nothing to do with any of it, and also, that the guy who made the video is still in jail even though the video had nothing to do with it and there are not yet any laws on the books in the USA against offending muslims.

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