Pictured: Jonathan Daniel Holt, 24, of Gresham, Whitney Heichel’s alleged murderer

October 20, 2012

Updated with clearer photo via Mail Online.

In an image from tonight’s news conference, this site indicates the individual pictured is Jonathan Daniel Holt of Gresham. It has yet to be independently confirmed.

After more than three days of searching, police have found the body of a missing Gresham woman and arrested a neighbor for her murder, police announced Friday night.

Jonathan Daniel Holt, 24, of Gresham faces an allegation of aggravated murder in the killing of Whitney Heichel.

Heichel, 21, disappeared at about 6:45 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16, after leaving her apartment to go to her 7 a.m. shift at a Starbucks just two minutes away. She never made it. More┬ávia Portland Tribune and Community Newspapers – Body of missing woman found, neighbor arrested.

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  1. Fortitude says:

    Why would you publish a picture of somebody if you have not confirmed the identity of the person in the picture?

    • Whatever says:

      A person was murdered and your worried whether a photo should be published??? Oh my now I understand WHY so many people get away with so many crimes.

      • Josh says:

        would you be saying this if they accidentally posted YOUR picture as an alleged Murderer?

        • Lee says:

          BOTH pictures the police used! The blurry one is in the video of the police report stating that he was arrested…the other is the one from the police mug site. What this article is saying that they updated the blurry pic (which was mostly likely grainy due to being pulled from a video) to a clear one…never once did they imply they used a random photo of just anyone!

    • Beth Wallace says:

      Because this is the new face of the IN-JUSTICE SYSTEM GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT…It is the medias way of assuring no trial and plea bargains and if the person is not the right one or did a lesser alledged crime they are already destroyed in the public eye..so is their entire family, media is as much to blame and causes unfair hearings and bias and hate.

      • blah blah says:

        very true, no one really knows the facts of the case until it is presented in court, It just said he was arrested, i didn’t read anything about a grand jury or a grand jury saying there is enough evidence for this particular case to go to trail yet, people want answers now, when these sort of things take time I.E : Due Process

      • Rocco St.Bruno says:

        This is not a court of law, this is the court of public opinion. We can find anybody we want guilty in the court of public opinion.

  2. Nancy says:

    That’s him.

    • Josh Nash says:

      So what do we do with him? Likely he will be imprisoned for life (what’s that…25 years or a bit more?) At an average cost of around $38,000/year, it comes to just under $1,000,000 of your tax money to house this lost soul. I think I read it cost about the same to send him to the gas chamber/IV him. What is the answer? If he goes to the chamber, at least no one else will suffer at his hands.

      • v gillespie says:

        pay an soul less inmate do beat him senseless and/or brainless and/or ….
        save the incarceration money of 40k ++ a year housing this beast. put him in general population and tell the inmates he is a child molester.

      • Beth Wallace says:

        No, they create bonds on prisoners and inmates on their cupid numbers and gillespie, you have a criminal twisted mind to say something like that…let a trail and evidence come forward first before condemning someone to such remarks, again “therefore but for the grace of God go I…meaning, this could be you sitting in there or your family member think before you talk

        • Rocco St.Bruno says:

          I say take him off suicide watch. Save the tax payers some dough.

        • Barb T says:

          I agree…perfect rebuttal to ignorant people “who are perfect” like v gillespie(choke,choke)….

          • Barb T says:

            I meant I agreed with Beth Wallace, not Rocco. Although I feel so sad for Whitney and family, it’s too soon to make such disparaging remarks….and WE are not judges, but are all here to BE judged…

  3. Nancy says:

    There’s nothing wrong with posting a photo of someone who allegedly did a crime. This article does not say he is guilty. It’s public knowledge that this is the man. The image is from a news conference and so this is the photo of the man suspected. There is no doubt about >that.

    • Beth Wallace says:

      You are wrong, a hearing and due process is the issue, in cases like this the focus is the persons saftey there is no time for evidence gathering enough for a probable cause, but many people are either falsely accused or accused of crimes that do not fit or add too many charges that they did not do so they push them into plea bargains without a trial. Everything should be about justice on all sides. Imagine having yourself, or a loved one accused of a crime, remember that when on a jury.

  4. Doris says:

    “It has yet to be independently confirmed”???? Really?!?! No, you are wrong there. It has been confirmed. That is her murderer. Jonathan Daniel Holt. That is who is pictured here.

  5. Clint Arndt says:

    As a father of a murdered daughter,I pray justice will be done in this case,this young woman minding her own business being a respectable citizen to society did not deserve to die.As far as knowing it was the right creep that murdered he DNA proved it.Nobody knows what this family is going through right now and will go through for a life time I pray through the Lord Jesus Christ the family will be comforted Amen.

    • Anita Rodgers says:

      Amen! I agree whole heartedly. They know it was him, they have to be politically correct to keep the other creeps from yelling and wining. I have no heart being a grandmother of 3 beautiful young ladies, I wouldn’t have a heart and this scumbag would only wish he was in hell burning after I got through with him. I would cut it off and make him eat it. Yes, I’m a Christian but I have low tolerance for this kind of stuff. Too many people are getting away with rape, etc. and no consequences. I think it’s time to take a stand and fight back for women’s rights. I guess she put herself in that place, give me a break, that man needs to be horse whipped, and hung. In the old days, that’s what would’ve happened. Whitney, I have a granddaughter named Whytni and she’s beautiful and sweet. I pray to God that the Lord will watch over and protect her. May God give peace and comfort to the Heichel family. I know it’s hard but God will see you through this and one thing for sure you will meet her some day in Heaven. I’m so sorry for your loss, God be with you.

      • dancemyster says:

        i understand your fear, but know that God will judge and his ways are way above human ways, have faith, he will get his just reward

      • somedude says:

        ah, yes. christianity – the religion of vengence.

        • CarlyG. says:

          @ Somedude, funny how everyone non-christian expects christians to be “perfect”, give it a rest, we are still human. And if you still wnt to be a jerk about christians, in that case what the hell is wrong with all the angry democrats?

        • somedudesnightmare says:

          ‘religion of vengence’??

          where are you seeing that?
          you’re very much confusing islam with christianity. or did you mean buddism? or hindu?

          we’ve not seen any christian radical terrorist groups in many centuries.

          open ya eyes you jackazz.

          • KRush says:

            Except those Christians that protest military funerals. As well as teach their children to hate.

          • KRush says:

            Don’t put down any other religion.. that kind of proves the point. All religions have people in them who do horrible things in the name of their religion. Christians included. Just look at Westboro

          • blindmelonchitlin says:

            except the idiots at westboro dont chop your head off or stone a woman to death. i dont think the PD would liable themselves without good cause. better hope in the end krush your in company of a christian rather than a muslim

    • Beth Wallace says:

      How do you know she minded her own business, playing a devils advocate to your remark, consider she gave a man a ride at 6 am and did not even ask or tell her husband she was doing this first, she had a cell phone if she did not want to go back to the apt to tell him, she could have called him on her cell before leaving. On the other hand, a women watching out in an apt complex, especially Gresham the crime capital, at this time should have a husband who walks her out, or watches her at the door until she leaves. This is really not an issue of “taking a stand for womens rights as someone here said, this is about “protecting yourself always. I have several girls and raised in an all girl family. You learn how to use caution, you inform others of your actions to leave a trial, you don’t even go on a date without telling someone else who you are with where you are going and some details, meet a stranger in a public place, don’t get in their car. But things happen, and they seem to be happening more and more now. If she minded her own business, and the story is she gave a man a ride, this is not minding her own business. That is foolishness. early am and evenings you don’t go to a car alone. I am so sorry for your lose, perhaps we should be working on a solution for the ” why” crimes like this are happening at all. It is a problem of our society we need to fix our thinking and many criminals are people from homes of abuse. That needs to stop too. Victims make more victims as well
      narcissists and sociopaths.

      • Mrs. Warner says:

        So what do you suggest single ladies who live alone do when they have an early shift or come home late from a late shift? How is telling someone going to make a difference other than identifying the perpetrator when you are already dead?

      • cheryl says:

        please don’t blame the victim or her husband. They did nothing wrong, and I’m sure he’s beating himself up with the ‘what ifs’. He doesn’t need some bossy know it all internet hag, telling him how this is His fault, or what He should have done. This was no random act of violence. The killer was her neighbor. If he hadn’t got her when he did, he would have bided his time, and got her later…kidnapped her from work or broke into her apt. Nothing, but death, can stop these monsters from getting what they want.

    • Rocco St.Bruno says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. Did they catch the creep who did it?

  6. Georgette says:

    The officials always have to say alledged, even if they saw the crime being committed in front of them. Because legally everyone is innocent until convicted. So yes they can post pictures and say he is the alledged killer.

  7. Brad Williams says:

    How very sick and twisted, if this is the man who ended the life of this young woman. Most of what happened to her, we will never know. I wonder what it must be like as parents to know that you raised a rapist and murderer. ‘Well, we did the best we could’.

    • Knowitall says:

      Do you mean that the alleged killer’s parent were “sick and twisted”???

      • Fiona says:

        Who are Holt’s parents?

      • Brad Williams says:

        I mean,how would you feel as the parents of a useless piece of human being, who goes around abducting and killing a young woman at maybe the best time of her life, with many,many years ahead. The older male preys on the younger, smaller female, then takes her and kills here. Unless the parents are complete vegetables, how could they live with themselves!

        • mary says:

          It is not his parent’s fault necessarily, but I understand people want to make sense of this sort of thing, when in reality there is no sense to it and nothing will change that. Just like nothing will ever bring her back.
          This absolutely just breaks my heart, and it hurts even more to read some of these comments here. The last thing anybody needs right now is a verbal sparring match, I just don’t see the point people. This is incredibly sad and it just takes away from the respect this poor girl deserves. And I don’t mean to say the folks here are wrong in their opinions, it’s just that maybe this isn’t the place to have a debate over it. Just saying…
          God be with you Whitney and her family and all who grieve.

    • brittany anderson says:

      I would appreciate it if you would keep your snoid remarks to yourself. This is a family member of mine and though the whole story isn’t told I would like to inform you his parents are having a very hard time dealing with this. You have no clue what its like until you are in thier position. You all think you know everything. This family has been a strong christian family for years you don’t know what happened. I would never in a million years believed my cousin would do a thing like this. Have you looked at his pictures the tears in his eyes. He is not a person who would likley do this. I am very sorry for the families loss. I cannot imagine how they must be feeling but please keep your rude ignorant comments to yourself. sincerely Jonathans cousin.

      • cheryl says:

        well, brace yourself, because your cousin is as guilty as sin. I can feel compassion for your cousin, the rapist, but your cousin, the shooter? NO. Things happen to kids that make them grow up and hurt others. I guess they’re so filled with pain, they want somebody else to feel just as miserable? IDK, but to take a gun, aim it, and put bullets into an innocent person, so she can’t tell on you, is worse than an animal. He doesn’t deserve to remain alive.

    • Rocco St.Bruno says:

      Hang him high!!!

  8. Lora Good says:

    This is a horrible crime. I am a grandmother of 3 boys, I have one son. He and the boys have been raised to respect women, and never hurt them. My son treats his wife like gold. I lived with them for 3 yrs out west. This husband must be devastated and I feel so badly for him. It is obvious that they were not married for long. I will bet that this inhuman person who did this actually stalked her for a while. It appears that this was not random or an opportunity. He knew her comings and goings.

  9. Logic says:

    I’ve followed this since the minute the story broke wishing I could help in some way. I wish that I believed in Hell so there’d be some sort of ‘true reckoning’. Truth is, this maggot will get his three square meals every day and to lay around in his cell reliving his rape fantasy over and over. With any luck, one of the gangs in prison will teach him what real victimization is. I wish Whitney’s husband and family peace all though I’m sure the only kind they’ll ever have is that they know what happened.

  10. hnc says:

    she lived by me and worked at the starbucks I went to. I never met her that I know of or at least that I can recall. I feel awful for her husband and family. I heard from people who knew her she was a wonderful soul. We know she is with Jesus now.

  11. Janise Grubber says:

    blurry picture was from a “buggy” iphone 5

  12. Benito says:

    Why does this happen so often in the USA ? What is wrong with those animals? I can’t believe that somenone would harm another human like that.I have lived in 3 diferent cities and in all of them this happens often. Poor girl so young, mi prairs to her family and husband.

    • Brad Williams says:

      Animals can get sick in the head too. The professional helpers try and coddle the crazy people, while Rome burns.

  13. somebody says:

    Christianity is the most tolerant religion. It is talmudic judaism that preaches revenge and death for all gentiles, whom jews consider cattle. It explains this in their hateful talmud. They hate Christ and Christianity. The sickos want Christians to meekly accept being ruled over and murdered. Thus their hateful comments about Christians here. Christians need to confront and expose the evil and not let anti-Christians muzzle and subjugate them.

  14. Steve says:

    How the hell can someone do that to somebody. Kill this amazing girl. I don’t understand. God, I wonder if she had the opportunity to yell help or make a run for it at the gas station where she was.

    This type of crimeI just do not understand what happens in a persons head to even think of hurting much less killing someone like that. Just unreal.

    As far as punishment. We can’t bring her back no matter what. Let him live in general population in a maximum security population prision. The fellow inmates, many of whom are dads and husbands, I am sure have a way of dealing with these types of crazy’s…

  15. peacemaker says:

    What do religion & politics have to do with this people?! A girl was murdered. This is the suspect in custody. That is all!!! Stop taking attention away from her death and this tragedy and giving it to a man who did it, politics, and religion. She is dead, and so far he is her killer. That is all. I hope for peace for her family in this terrible time!

  16. Heidi says:

    I know this situation brings up many emotions and questions but please be respectful to the grieving family and friends and honouring of the life that Whitney Heichel lived . I find many of these comments to not do any of this. Anger is definitely understandable but don’t let it rule you and forget about this precious woman that was lost. This is already an overwhelming tragedy for this family please don’t make it worse. I hope they don’t read any of these comments. I think people forget to be respectful on the internet.

  17. Alex says:

    When will this Country wake up too the fact we our fundamentally a very sick society and the sooner we recognize this fact, the sooner we will save the precious young lady we lost. Once this Devil Holt has been convicted, Fry him!

  18. Logan says:

    Do any of you even live in Oregon ? . . Were you there searching ? . . Did you know her or him ? . . I live in Gresham and have for 30 of my 32 years. I am active with the local police, fire dept, and mountain rescue . Condolences to the family, friends, and community are very welcome but your religious opinions are NOT neccisary . Seriously … Drop it .

    • blah blah says:

      just because you live there does not make you the moderator of this thread. It is a public forum and people are free to express what they wish regardless of location and your resume. Im pretty sure searching for the girl and living in Oregon is not a prerequisite to comment on this site.

  19. woodsman says:

    Uh . . This doesn’t only happen in the states . It happens here a lot less than in other countries, we just don’t hear about it . Get real !

  20. Susan says:

    This is a very sad sad event. According to the local congregation in Greshem and a statement made..This man, Holt, was not a baptized Jehovah’s Witness. He only attended irregularly to the Kingdom Hall. We feel sorry for his wife and the Heichel family. We have a strong faith and have a hope for the future. Your brothers and sisters in Atlanta, GA send our love to the Heichel Family

  21. Elise says:

    Everyone seriously needs to shut up about his parents. I know them personally and they are wonderful people. What he dis is not their fault, its his and they dont deserve to be trashed on because their son decided to be a monster!

  22. brittany anderson says:

    I wish we all knew what really happened. This is such a shock. Jonathan was never like this. Our whole family is loving and caring. You all say hurtful things. I cant imagine what the girls family feels. I am sorry for their loss. Jonathans father has always tried his best. They have been a great family and always supported everything their kids did. I don’t understand what happened. We don’t all know the real story. I just cant see him doing this.

  23. Elise says:

    Nobody saw this coming he always seemed so sweet.

  24. Elise says:

    Yes its aweful and shes not asking for your compassion all she was asking is that everyone keep their nasty comments to themselves. Nobody expects somebody they love and grew up with to do things like this. It just happens, the families had nothing to do with it. His parents were amazing parents and amazing people so if you wouldnt mind keep your comments to yourself.

    • Howard Stern says:

      …then why was he carrying/owning a gun? Defending him, so he looks good in court? huh? Im sure if you look at his background, there’s drugs & criminal activity. He was married too? WTF??? Geez, his 1st pic posted, looked so innocent, like Trayvon Martins…lol

  25. DD says:


  26. Lauren says:

    Court papers have confirmed that daniel has CONFESSED to the crime, and all of the new channels
    Are posting his picture-

  27. Lauren says:

    I love the people stupid enough to get on here and try to pick fights. It is not about you. This man has confessed, and will be tried by the court system. It is a terrible trajedy for everyone who loved her, sympathy and compassion is the only answer here.