Kabang: ‘Hero Dog’ Lost Snout Saving 2 young Philippine children, now getting treatment at UC Davis thanks to web donations

October 13, 2012

It’s been almost a year since mixed-breed Kabang jumped head long in front of a motorcycle as it was about to crash into two little girls in the Philippines.

Last December, 9-year-old Dina Bunggal and her 3-year-old cousin, Princess Diansing, were crossing a busy street. The two girls were in the path of a motorcycle, according to witnesses. Kabang reportedly jumped out at the motorcycle and knocked it off balance, saving the kids.

In the process, Kabang’s upper snout became caught in the motorcycle’s front wheel and was torn from her face. Her owner, Rudy Bunggal, rushed to help her but she ran off. Kabang later reappeared at the Bunggal household.

The Bunggals had formed a tight bond with Kabang ever since Rudy took her in as a stray puppy. They refused to have her euthanized after the accident, according to UC Davis.

The ABC video below isn’t actually all that bad. HuffPo has a series of images of Kabang the ‘Hero Dog’ at this link. While some are tough to look at, Kabang eats, runs, jumps and plays and seems very happy.

A heroic dog that risked its own life to save the lives of two young girls in the Philippines is getting much needed help from a group of UC Davis veterinarians.

DISCLAIMER: Some may consider video of the injured dog difficult to watch. Via abc7news.com.


Davis.Patch has a detailed report on where things stand now.

Almost a year ago, a dog named Kabang lost her snout and upper jaw when she leapt in front of a motorcycle to save two little girls in the Philippines. Thursday veterinary specialists at UC Davis examined Kabang to determine what can be done to give her a better chance at a long and healthy life.

During the hourlong, preliminary exam, veterinary surgeons Boaz Arzi and Frank Verstraete assessed Kabang’s overall condition and conducted blood and urine tests.

“We are pleased with what we discovered today,” Verstraete said. “We are confident we can improve her condition going forward.”

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  1. audrey says:

    Goodluck Kabang we pray for your successful operation, don”t give up coz you deserved to live and have a happy life, we’re rooting for you. Thank also to all the people who donated financial assistance for Kabang medical treatment, you’re all a true hero as well.

  2. Lionboy says:

    This dog deserves the best treatment available, all dogs do, so many are neglected and all they want is someone to be their friend.

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