LA: Frequent Flyer Steven deForest claims vindictive TSA agent ‘flicked me in the testicles’

October 11, 2012

It would appear TSA Agents can be real ball-busters when they want to be.

Mr deForest told the Huffington Post: ‘A bulky young TSA agent came over to pat me down. He told me to turn around. He was using his command voice, barking orders.’

He said the agent appeared irritated as he ordered him to turn around, but Mr deForest was not comfortable with taking his eyes off his luggage.

After Mr deForest informed him of that fact, the TSA agent became increasingly more vexed.

He told the Huffington Post: ‘As he raised his hands he was looking at me. Then he gave a quick flick and smacked me in one of my testicles.’

The allegations follow other incidents of alleged TSA misbehaviour in the past few weeks. More┬ávia agent ‘flicked me in the testicles’ during pat-down.

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