My Quick Take on the 10/22 Debate

October 22, 2012

I think Romney got what he needed from tonight, while Obama did not, not in the sense of a game changer, any way.

From Nixon-Kennedy, to the Biden smirk, history has demonstrated that when all the facts are checked and statements parsed, optics have as much to do with debate outcomes, as anything else.

If that holds true for tonight, it was a Romney win. He looked upbeat, cool and calm, Obama looked a bit anxious, while also having some good moments. Obama often looked impatient on split screen, as well as occasionally displaying what one might call a certain smallness.

In the end, it may be when the candidates were on split screen and not the one doing the talking that convinces people which man tonight looked more like a president, than an anxious challenger. If that holds on top of the trends we’ve already experienced, I would not be surprised to see undecideds begin to fall to Romney in a reasonably significant manner.

And then there’s MSNBC’s Chuck Todd. I wonder what debate he was watching?

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  1. Maria says:

    I agree 100%. Lefties got the nasty smallness and talking point lies they needed to hear, sweet nothings, if you will. America got a steady, wise, capable leader. Mittmentum intact!

  2. Steven W. says:

    This debate was like 1980 Carter / Reagan – Obama laid out the premise that Romney was “wreckless” and his attacks almost comical at times (pathetic in near all). If there was any remaining doubt about Virginia, John King @ CNN quickly pulled it off their board! Romney’s prep was not to give in to Obama’s attacks and proved himself presidential and statesman that Obama is clearly not. Just think, that obnoxious person we saw again as so often in Obama is whom our allies have to deal with. Romney’s closing statement was gold IMO & while Obama may have won on points, he can take that boast to Hawaii in January (where he’s already arranged his new home as Michelle can’t stand going back to live in Illinois. GOTV & GO MITT GO!

  3. Steven W. says:

    Luntz’s focus group is POUNDING on OBAMA! They say Obama won on points but give it to Romney on the issues! On to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa & Nevada … oh and GO MICHIGAN!

  4. kakypat says:

    Excellent summary, and I totally agree.

    Per Begala, Obama is pulling out of NC. Just the beginning…

  5. Maria says:

    Ohmygosh!! Juan Williams is on a tear..