NY Appeal Court: Shooting Victim May Sue Gun Maker

October 8, 2012

Hmm. Why would anyone want to take her gun away?

Whatever, here we go.

The ruling by the Appellate Division of the state Supreme Court reversed a lower court’s 2011 dismissal of victim Daniel Williams’ complaint, which accused Ohio gun maker Hi-Point and distributor MKS Supply Inc. of Ohio of intentionally supplying handguns to irresponsible dealers because they profited from sales to the criminal gun market. More details via  – ABC News.

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  1. Fred Beloit says:

    Well, Ford and GM better get out of the car business. I understand some of those vehicles are used in the commission of crimes committed by Chicago High School kids. And of course these schools better be closed because they are turning out criminals in large numbers. Lawyers, gargle your throats, lots of new civil trials on the way.