Obama Campaign Allegedly Ceases Virginia Polling

October 23, 2012

This below is a web report. However, for now, he has a Virginia event scheduled for Thursday. If the polling report is accurate, he’ll cancel that appearance I would think. He has much ground to cover as it is. I’d guess he’ll double up in Ohio, instead.

BREAKING NEWS:  In the first indication that the Obama campaign is abandoning Virginia, Virtucon has received information that the Obama campaign has ceased polling in the Commonwealth.  (Such a move confirms the recent trend showing Romney taking the lead in Virginia over Obama.)  This information comes to us from a high level Republican source with whom we have had long experience and reliability.

via BREAKING: Obama Campaign Ceases Virginia Polling | Virginia Virtucon.

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  1. Steven W. says:

    That was the cost of Obama’s navy “joke” – say goodbye Virginia SUCKAS!

  2. connie franks says:

    Pres.Obama grossly underestimated the amount of pride the Hampton Roads area of Virginia has in their giant-sized Naval forces. His choice of words in last night’s debate were unfortunate, and he is probably right in forgetting about the Commonwealth.

  3. Pieman211 says:

    We can only hope this is true! 14 days!!!!

  4. Jp Andreas says:

    There IS a God!!!

  5. keith says:

    we get one vote and nothing else ,i like a republic council of 6000 memebers willing to oversee the government since most AMericans aren’t represented by congressman or senators, once they are elected they are team members not representatives, we nover hear from them unless they want taxes or your youth for war. i like to see a rotating 6000 member coucil representing the people of America
    because once they are elected there is no reining them i think there should be checks and balancs in everyting in goverment since the public cant trust the ass—- . the People need security not from the government but by the reins of the people dont trust but verifiable policy for american custodian who report the truth not propaganda in the newspapers,even the presidnet said it was all lies told the public