Watch Out! Barry to be ‘aggressive’ in second debate

October 14, 2012

Says Gibbs, “Obviously, the president was disappointed in his own performance.” Yes, along with all of his base!

Campaign advisers to President Barack Obama promised on Sunday he would be more aggressive and energetic on Tuesday in his second debate against Republican challenger Mitt Romney after a passive, heavily criticized performance in their first showdown.

Since that first debate in Denver on October 3, polls indicate Romney has erased Obama’s lead heading into the November 6 election. Obama and Romney debate again on Tuesday at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. The third and final presidential debate will take place on October 22 in Florida.

“Obviously, the president was disappointed in his own performance. He didn’t meet his expectations,” Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs told the CNN program “State of the Union,” referring to the first debate. More via | Reuters.

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  1. EsausMessage says:

    Can Obama do that without being a peevish little bint?

    He’s not someone who shows very much emotion. Even his stump speeches are not barn burners.

    He seems uncomfortable with being challenged whether by an opponent or by an interviewed.

    Perhaps the townhall format will draw him out. He’s generally pretty good with weaving a confection from the mushy questions he gets directly from the public.

  2. Mr Evilwrench says:

    I keep saying (and hoping) that he’ll come across as all screechy and spastic in his effort to appear assertive, and give Mittens another opportunity to “handle” him with grace and decorum. And truth. Don’t forget the truth. It would be so sweet to see him put in his place again.

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  4. SpySmasher says:

    “Obviously, the president was disappointed in his own performance.”


    He thought he won coming off the stage.

  5. cali says:

    Hoping that obama does not pack the audience with ‘his’ people, we know that Mitt has to debate 3 peope – obama, his lies and contempt towards Romney and, the hostile moderator candy crowley.
    This may be the day, the thin skinned and rage filled man child comes unglued.