On CNN, informal Obama adviser, Professor Drew Westen claims Fox News audience is ‘ignorant’

October 22, 2012

I believe this is Westen here, from the inappropriately smug-looking dumb jerk department at Emory. Yawn….

With just two weeks till the election, the left is doing battle with … Fox News. Professor Drew Westen decided to bash those who watch the network, calling them “people who are ignorant.”In a Oct. 22 CNN segment called “Swaying the Undecided,” host Carol Costello’s lengthy introduction described Westen as “a psychology professor at Emory University and author of “The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation.’” She added, “he was also an informal adviser to the Obama campaign.” Shocker.

via Fox News. He also looks like a guy who gets off on being spanked. So, he’s got that going for him.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    According to a Pew survey, Conservatives are more informed than Collectivists.


  2. Tim Meyers says:

    I can just look at him and see someone who has done nothing but go to school and teach his B.S. He is the type of person who will take full advantage of other people sacrifices without giving any back to our country except trying to tell everyone else they are ignorant. I am sure the best part of him ran down his mothers crack.

  3. Jim Dicken says:

    Mr. Westen,
    Any time any where I will gladly take any test you want to give for Fox Viewers.
    Matter of fact how about I set up a test for you and you set up a test for me.
    Topics – World Capitals
    World Leaders
    State Governors
    History of America
    History of Africa
    Economic History of the Country
    Presidential History
    Race Relations and Race Laws

  4. TPH says:

    Until a few minutes ago I had never heard of Prof. Western. Wish I have not read the article. But then agin who cares who he is.

  5. kakypat says:

    It figures that this guy was on CNN.

    “Pew: Limbaugh and Hannity Fans Politically Smarter Than Colbert’s, CNN’s and Stewart’s”


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  7. Dave says:

    He is mad at the world because he was born with such a face.

  8. John Wray says:

    Comments about “global warming” from a psych professor are comical at best and idiotic at worst and this “qualifies” this idiot to make comments about scientific subjects??? I’m a physicist and have completely debunked ‘global warming: but westen proved my point by extrapolating about the subject from Georgia’s data. idiotic and bad bad science. I rest my case

  9. Ron Shannon says:

    Actually, if you can hold the smug & irrelevant personal attacks, he was just referring to bona fide studies like http://tinyurl.com/2b57xzg and http://tinyurl.com/73r22pu . Unfortunately, Faux News doesn’t care about science OR facts, and no study from any source studies from any source will make any of their viewers even wonder if they’re being well served by said media outlet or not.

  10. Vicki Philbrick says:

    This condescending gentleman just goes to show you that a high intellect does not automatically qualify one to an equal measure of common sense or integrity. We live in an awesome country that prides itself in the fact that we can safely have our own opinions. I can certainly still respect others whose opinions I do not agree with without ridiculing them. I watch both Fox and MSNBC for the differing perspectives and, admittedly, the Fox News Network is superior in contrast. What I’ve noticed about the far left, is that they, just like Professor Weston, will personally attack, lie about, and criticize those who do not agree with their “superior” stance on the issues. As a psychologist, Weston should be ashamed of his ridiculous classification of a group of people as ignorant because they do not see the world through his own narrow view. That, in my opinion, is the very definition of ignorance. Weston, you are not above others just because they think differently than you and have different values and opinions. You are a disgrace to your profession.