Republicans unimpressed by Drudge video: I’m unimpressed with some Republicans

October 3, 2012

Via the Washington Post, of course. Here is a simple fact, folks. There is a Republican Party – including a media arm based in Washington that, not only doesn’t know how to fight hard and united, or often doesn’t want to – it doesn’t have enough sense to know when to at least keep it’s damned mouth shut when other people are willing to put it on the line for what they believe in to preserve critical aspects of this republic.

Gingrich argued that the tape has “some impact,” although a few minutes later he added, “I don’t think this particular speech is definitive.” He compared it to Vice President  Biden’s “chains” comment, which Republicans greeted with far more enthusiasm.

“Not quite a yawn, but no game-changer,” wrote National Review’s Jim Geraghty. Other conservatives suggested the video could have had an impact in the 2008 primary, had it gotten more coverage.


Not only do more of these people need to be named, they need to be called out, or ultimately ignored, or we may as well surrender right here and now. And, yes, I am talking about Erick Erickson, who I named earlier – and now friend Jim Geraghty, it seems.

We get it. You’re smart. You’re above it all. Why you’re so damned smart, one day one or two of you may even get elevated to the level of a Joe Scarborough, so no one will bother paying any attention to you at all.

But you’re also very wrong. You – and I for that matter – are insignificant. What matters is the fight and that some people are willing to engage it, while others are not, or worse, they love to nay say and even occasionally stab our own fighters in the back out of self-interest and a pathetic need to impress.

Every damned day we have to fight a biased media that spreads every Obama talking point and does everything it can to mute our own. When you fight a war, you seek advantage. Some will be big, some small, but it is the mass of every little bit of ground gained that ultimately allows one to succeed for a, in this case, right and desperately needed cause – to try and save some semblance of a traditional America in the face of a relentless onslaught from an extremely progressive left.

Meanwhile, conservatives are forced to look around the battle field and on nearly every engagement, there are these often Hill types nagging, wee weeing and nipping at our very own heels. If you lack the fortitude or ability to sacrifice some of your own silly sense of self pride to join in every battle you can, you should at least have the decency and common sense to know when to STFU. In the end, no one but a largely oppositional media and your own pathetically self-interested self really gives a damn what you think any way.

End rant.

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  1. I’ve seen this sort of thing span my life time: there is a group, and you and I don’t belong to it. End of story.

    Reince Priebus and the GOP elite have quietly accepted the field of battle in the debates, even as a decidedly lopsided one. They are either blinded by a narrow target focus, or they simply don’t care if they win, just as long as they win what they’re aiming for. And I wonder what that could be.

  2. Jen Kuznicki says:

    turn rant back on!

  3. Maria says:

    I <3 this rant! Oh so much! I might need a STFU t shirt!

  4. JohnInMA says:

    I’m a little undecided on this one. The video proves Obama was capable and willing to pander. But don’t we see plenty of signs of that now? (e.g. how the administration publicly handles immigration in an election year)

    As long as all the party players with power and the punditry/DC chatting and writing elite continue the fight, why quibble over one aspect?

    • Al The Plumber of the Depths of Lunacy says:

      BUT — this episode is a more obvious display of Obama’s CHAMELEON acts!

      • JohnInMA says:

        Sure. But is it that stunning an example compared to much we can point to just in 2012 alone? I mean there is the pandering through language, but there is tape from this year alone that is similar, no? I guess the only thing that stands out to me is the outright distortion to make his point of how far behind ‘our’ people still are.

        But is it THE shinning example, or just an early sign of what we see in his campaigning now, for example?

  5. Jimmie Young says:

    What worries me is what Obama (Executive Order King) might do if he sees himself falling way behind as we approach the election. . . Martial Law after seeing so much Ammunition recently purchased by the Govt…. Not a good sign!

  6. c says:

    We know you are unimpressed with some Republicans. We listened for months as Mitt Romney caught absolute hell from you and other conservatives.

    • LeftCoastCon says:

      And now we “other conservatives” are standing strong behind Romney, pushing him to win, in blowout fashion if possible.

      Meanwhile, the elite RINO cabal who forced Romney onto us are jumping ship. Like George Will, who seems to have conceded the election to Obama already.

      If we’re going snarky, “you and other conservatives” have integrity. Those who forced Romney onto us DON’T. Deal with that.

  7. Stevens says:

    Trust me, I’m not above it all. Not above anything… really.
    And I admit that I didn’t watch the full video.
    It strikes me, though, that the tape revealed nothing novel that conservatives haven’t been saying for years. How many people who were unconvinced over the last 4 years are actually going to be convinced after watching this video, if they’ve even seen it? I fear too few, and I hope I’m wrong.
    That can’t be the big October surprise. There’s got to be something more!

  8. Liz Elliott says:

    Right on Mark. Why can’t our side fight together to the death which is Nov 6th? I’m sick of so called conservatives belittling our campaign battle. If they can’t help us defeat Obama, then they should STFU!!!

  9. bOAT says:

    I wasn’t too impressed nor surprised by this speech. We’ve all already known this is the way the President feels even before he was President.

  10. Redacted says:

    Right on right on!!!

    @Steven…conservatives “saying” something and having video proof are two very different things. What we say is constantly dismissed by the leftist enemedia, the chattering class and the dumb masses, but hearing it straight from our racist preezy’s pie-hole puts it directly IN CONTEXT and makes it irrefutable! (Although they will still poo-poo it…”nothing to see here folks!”)

    You’ve been hearing it for years, sure, so have most of the rest of us here, but “we” are a small slice of the electorate that is paying attention. Most people will only pay attention for the next 4 weeks, if that, and then go back to blissful ignorance.

    This is a very close race, so we NEED to keep hammering away non-stop until victory is our on November 6, the only poll that matters.

    This is WAR!

    • Stevens says:

      Oh we’re in a war alright. Senza dubbio. I agree with Dan that commentators should STFU if they aren’t satisfied. Luckily I’m not a commentator, so I can more or less write and say what I want and very few people will care.

      I’m confident Mitt will win. Obama is too much of a liability. Clintons, and perhaps even Biden, put him down every chance they can. In Obama regular Democrats see the inevitable destruction of their party if re-elected.

      If Mitt does not win, it will be the end of the R party. Then, say hello to Ron Paulistan.

  11. Greg says:

    Given the outrage of Mitt’s 47% speech, what I cannot understand is why hasn’t anyone approached Obama’s video from this perspective: What percentage is Obama referring to when he talks about the suburbs and New York City and Florida. The entire white race? Wish someone would pick up on this.

  12. Wesley says:

    I don’t care if you Republicans have already heard this crap from Obama and know it all. What matters is INFORMING THE UNINFORMED VOTERS. Go to your local tv websites and newspaper websites to make your comments known. Most of them have Facebook wall postings too. If these news outlets are not reporting on negative Obama news, you need to post that fact on every one of their unrelated news stories. Quit huddling in small groups. Get your voice out there. Otherwise STFU yourself.

  13. Lgbpop says:

    This kind of crap has been going on since Hugh Scott and Jerry Ford were the minority leaders – show token opposition, go along to get along and the do a round of golf with the Democrats since they would be the majority party forever. I DON’T WANT DEMOCRAT LITES RUJNNING MY PARTY! As Rahm Emmanuel said a few years ago when the Dems ran the House…We’re the majority and we have the votes – F**K’em. Why are we expected to compromise with the minority when we have the majority? The Whigs made President Polk’s life utter hell, and Joe Cannon ran the house without the Democrats. The opposition is expected to oppose. The majority is expected to govern.

    What the GOP has to do is toss off the spineless eclairs in the leadership who are afraid to offend someone, then start offending the left.

  14. kakypat says:

    “End rant.”

    WHY??? I like it when you get all wee-weed up!

    Preach it!

    BTW, this episode says as much about the media as it does about Obama and the GOP-E.

  15. Chipperoo says:

    I’m with you to this extent:

    The conservative intellectual elite and the GOP establishment seem far too interested in their own integrity and candor and media face time.

    They also seem oblivious to the virtual war that the Left-Lib-Prog-Dems have declared and are fighting.

    But I’m unconvinced that this video is the battleground on which I would choose to win or die.

    That being said, I see no reason why they could not feign a little outrage and indignation at Obama’s racial pandering and divisiveness.

  16. […] Republicans unimpressed by Drudge video: I’m unimpressed with some Republicans ( […]

  17. brainy435 says:

    Face it: The buildup was stupid for what the video was. The ridiculous amount of time spent building it up allowed the Dems to get ahead of the story so it could be tuned out. It was no bombshell, and anyone caught spinning that it was looks like a partisan shill. Obama is a racist willing to pander to anyone he thinks he can hoodwink? Shocka!! Even his own side knows that. If the vid had been put up when found and discussed by adults, it might have had an impact on independants. Maybe. The circus from Drudge, Hannity et all screwed it all up. It’s not a betrayal to point out when your allies are shooting at themselves.

  18. LeftCoastCon says:

    Geraghty is a squishy, arrogant fool. I corresponded with him following the 2010 elections.

    Geraghty: Christine O’Donnell deserved to lose because she’s an idiot who isn’t Mike Castle, who was entitled to that Senate seat despite his “squishiness,” because he was “electable.” He admits O’Donnell lost by less than half the margin as the RINO choice for governor, thus making O’Donnell the biggest failure (!?!) on the ticket.

    Incoherence, arrogance, and even hatred of reality on display.

  19. Mick says:

    You are correct Sir, so keep ranting before we lose this race all together

  20. Beej says:

    Thank you and AMEN!

  21. Writer Chick says:

    Great rant, my friend. Keep on ranting!

  22. Jaynie59 says:

    You articulated my biggest peeve with so-called conservatives. From Jonah Goldberg’s criticism of Sarah Palin’s “blood libel” response after she suffered 5 days being accused of inciting mass murder, including that of a 9 year old girl, to Patterico siding with that cretin Charles Johnson to attack Jim Hoft, to every word Ed Morrissey vomits up and infects almost every other top conservative blogger with his candy ass reasonableness, I’ve gotten to the point that I’ve given up all hope that this country will ever turn around.

    Ann Althouse wrote a stupid post at Instapundit about how she’s still undecided this year and that conservative excitement over the video makes us look ugly. I have to take this from Ann Althouse? A person stupid enough that they still can’t decide how stupid they were 4 years ago? My God. This country is doomed.

  23. L.A. Mike says:

    I don’t know about you all, but this article written by “Dan” sure does sound an awful lot like Mark Levin. I can even hear him saying some of these sentences.

    Aside from that, he’s painfully correct. The other side has propaganda going for them 24/7. We, on the other hand, can’t even get our own side to just be partisans for the last 30 days in order to save our country.

    • Dan says:

      I write EVERYTHING under my own name. I think Mark did post here (with his own byline) back in 2009, or some such. But not only can I assure you the piece is completely mine, without so much as informing anyone I was writing it at the time, to suggest otherwise is highly insulting to both me and Mark Levin.

      I’ve been writing similar rants here since 2004 – read the archives if you’ve any doubt.

  24. Xiaoding says:

    “Meanwhile, conservatives are forced to look around the battle field and on nearly every engagement, there are these often Hill types nagging, wee weeing and nipping at our very own heels. If you lack the fortitude or ability to sacrifice some of your own silly sense of self pride to join in every battle you can, you should at least have the decency and common sense to know when to STFU. In the end, no one but a largely oppositional media and your own pathetically self-interested self really gives a damn what you think any way.”

    No one if forcing conservatives to do anything. If they don’t like the Republican party, and how it operates, they know where the door is!

    Let Republicans be Republicans. Don’t blame them for the failure of conservatism, to have it’s OWN party, and run it’s OWN candidate.

    It’s conservatives, who are feckless, cowardly whiners.