Reuters/Ipsos poll within 2, Romney challenging Obama in swing states

October 7, 2012

Everything is pointing to a tight race at this point.

Mitt Romney appeared on Sunday to have halted his perilous slide in the polls and is back to running a close race with President Barack Obama as he prepares a new assault on the Democrat over foreign policy.A solid performance against Obama at Wednesdays first presidential debate in Denver has helped the Republican challenger regain ground in several swing states after three weeks of campaign stumbles that had appeared to jeopardize his chances of winning the Nov. 6 election. Via Slide halted, Romney challenging | Reuters.

Newsmax has the Reuters/Ipsos numbers:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stayed within striking distance of President Barack Obama in a Reuters/Ipsos poll on Sunday, two-points behind the Democrat for the third straight day after winning last week’s debate in Denver.

The online survey found 47 percent of likely voters saying they would vote for Obama and 45 percent for Romney if the Nov. 6 election were held now. That solidifies an improvement by the Republican who had trailed his opponent by six points in the same daily poll going into the debate.

“Romney’s performance in the debate I think has improved his share of the vote for now … It’s a significant change from where we were a couple of weeks ago,” said Ipsos pollster Julia Clark.

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