Romney calls Samantha Pawlucy, girl at center of T-shirt dust up; citizens show up to voice support

October 11, 2012

Republican nominee Mitt Romney placed a call to Samanthan Pawlucy, the 16 year-old high school girl at the center of a Romney T-shirt controversy, reports the Pliladelphia Inquirer.

The Romney campaign will not be issuing a formal statement, according to spokeswoman Kate Meriwether, who declined to provide details.

Pawlucy’s father, Richard, declined to comment this morning and the family attorney, Wally Zimolong, could not be reached.

As noted here, Pawlucy was greeted with shouts of obscenities when she attempted to return to school after the encounter with a teacher.

Angered by a teenagers claims of being humiliated by a teacher over a Romney/Ryan T-shirt, students at Charles Carroll High School ignored warnings from administrators and shouted obscenities out school windows at the girls parents Friday morning.

Samantha Pawlucy had accused her geometry teacher of humiliating her for wearing the shirt, and stayed out of school after saying she learned students had made threats against her. To calm the situation, district officials addressed students Friday, urging them to leave Pawlucy alone.

Fortunately, the teen has not gone entirely without outside support.

But when Pawlucy finally returned to class, she was greeted by a crowd of supporters who stood up for her and her right to free speech.

“I knew people were going to be out here but not all this. I thought I was going to go to school… a normal day,” the teen said.

“It’s bigger than all of us,” said Bill O’Neil, who came from Holland, Pa., to show his support. “It’s about the country. It’s about the Constitution.”

Pawlucy cried as supporters sang the National Anthem and read the First Amendment aloud.

However, it still appears she may opt to transfer to another school after the incident. I swear, if I keep hearing teachable moment invoked by people, I’m going to puke.

The father of a 16-year-old Philadelphia girl who says her geometry teacher likened a Mitt Romney T-shirt to a KKK robe says his children will not be going back to the school.

Richard Pawlucy, Samantha’s father, told The Philadelphia Inquirer that his daughter never actually made it to class on Tuesday because she became uncomfortable after going to the school’s administrative offices following the rally held by her supporters. Pawlucy said Samantha and two other high-school age children in his home will be transferring to another school, possibly a charter school.

Superintendent William Hite Jr. has called the ordeal a “teachable moment” and said he will work with the mayor and the teachers union to move “towards a conversation that brings together diverse beliefs, inspires understanding, and heals.”

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  1. Maria says:

    What a weak response from the Superintendent. Totally inadequate.

    • Bob says:

      I agree. The far left is firmly in control of our public schools and teachers are indoctrinated throughout their college training to toe the liberal line. Bravo to this brave girl to stand up to the bullies of the left!

    • matt says:

      having lived in phila almost my entire life and having to ride septa with these ignorant asses , this stinks of racism being learned by the entire phila school system . how nice that the phila tax payers are wasting there money on a syatem that relys on hand outs from the federal stae and city to suvive and yet has one of the lowest test scores in the entire state .

    • A Beaverhausen says:

      It figures Bill Hite would say it was a teacheable moment; worthless… lack of true leadership.

    • Chucky_Dee says:

      The superintendent’s idea of “diversity” is THE OTHER PARTY ??? This men is either a joke or completely inarticulate ! ! !

  2. elliott says:

    when you said “teachers union” I realized that the Superintendent doesn’t have a chance in hades of doing anything but failing.

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  4. John says:

    When educrat union thugs are caught with their pants down, both literally and figuratively, it is always “a teachable moment”

  5. Lorraine says:

    If that was my child, I would most certainly pull her out of that school. She is brave. Even as an adult, I would be terrified to have to be in such a hostile environment. God Bless her. Is anyone collecting money on her behalf? I would gladly donate towards tuition at a private school if she can’t find a safe public school to attend.

  6. Californio says:

    “Teachable moment” – isn’t that what George Wallace said when he blocked the schoolhouse door?

  7. Bobo from Texas says:

    This is what Hope&Change! looks like in 2012.

  8. Mark says:

    The Superintendent and teacher should be fired!!!!!

  9. Marty says:

    No wonder that school is out of control–no adult in charge.

  10. Michael Barger (@MichaelBarger1) says:

    “Teachable moment” – double puke.

  11. Paul A'Barge says:

    Guess the race of the students who screamed obscenities out the school windows at the parents of the girl.

    Time to end public education. Give them all vouchers and then they’re on their own.

  12. Wineplz says:

    I was going to ask why the teacher hasn’t been fired, but then I remembered s/he probably was tenured after their first year of teaching and are protected by a union. *Sigh* I guess I’m more upset that more of the community aren’t calling out the teacher for creating such a hostile environment for his students.

    • dpic says:

      Wineplz, she had a bunch of supporters the morning she tried returning to school which was great!! We don’t know if the community is continuing to rally with her and her family but I’m sure some are. The problem is, the community that sympathises with the teacher is most likely the majority. Pretty sad that a teacher is teaching bullying to her students, and these people just don’t think anything is wrong because it is a DEMOCRAT SCHOOL. Unbelievable!! The incident is being investigated so we will have to wait and see what happens.

  13. datechguy says:

    yes they taught the student body that if you intimidate your opponents you can drive them out of your school and force the elsewhere.

  14. Inawe says:

    Unfortunately, the only way to make the schools and teachers understand is to hit them where they live.

    Sue them.

    A multimillion dollar judgement against them will teach them to keep their political opinions to themselves next time.

    The unfortunate part is that the money could be used for building a better school instead of teaching the teachers a lesson in civility, but nothing else seems to work against the bureaucracy and unions except threatening their livelyhood.

  15. Bill M says:

    It’s not a teachable moment; it’s a firing moment. The teacher should be chucked from the classroom!

  16. humanterms says:

    Did anybody think to tell the teacher that only Democrats wear KKK robes? That would be the “teachable” moment.

  17. Lindy says:

    Well, it’s pretty obvious the school and it’s administration side with the abusive teacher – sickening!

  18. Pamela Devine says:

    The teacher needs to be fired for bullying the students. Samantha and her sibling shouldn’t have to leave the school; the teacher should.

  19. gfisch says:

    Why isn’t anyone calling out the teachers name? And comparing Romney/Ryan to the KKK? I would move my kids out of that school too… the Super is a pansy… it is so scary what these teachers believe and teach our kids as if its fact… what is this country going to be like in 20 years? (Sigh)

  20. Erik says:

    We can all peacefully protest by taking our children out of union thug liberal schools and switch them to charter. Not only will they most likely get a a better education, they might actually learn American History and how great our country actually is!!!

  21. Pete says:

    Where is the ACLU? Oh, wait, they are too busy advancing the liberal cause to be involved in something as trivial as human rights violations. This is an outrage. The parents should sue the daylights out of the school. I’m not a lawsuit happy person, usually, but this kind of abuse is intolerable. I also like Erik’s idea. Let’s all vacate the public school system. They are overrun with biased liberals.

  22. Pete says:

    One other comment. I live in Chicago, and Hyde Park to be precise. This is Obama’s neighborhood. I have thought seriously about wearing a Romney tee shirt around the community, but I am actually afraid to. I am quite sure that I will face open ridicule and perhaps even physical danger. I’ve seen cars with Romney bumper stickers get vandalized here. This is the civil discourse that Oblamer wants us to have. Right.

  23. DonM says:

    Recall that the KKK were Racist Democrats. They still are.

  24. DaveinMinnesota says:

    Bury ’em with emails:

    Charles Carroll High School in Port Richmond

    email to Principal:

    • Judy Rivers says:

      Hey Dave!
      I did email him, with proper names & everything. Included the picture of George Romney marching for civil rights, recommended that he read Ann Coulter’s “Mugged”, and said that if he wasn’t willing to teach children the truth about our history, he wasn’t fit to be a principal. I also invited him to correct me if I am wrong. =) =) =)

      • Lorraine says:

        Good for you. Now your name will be added to the SPLC hate watch list.

        • Judy Rivers says:

          Hate list? Like that matters to me where I live….I am probably on every ‘list’ out there…I am a very active Patriot. If it’sfor our beloved country, makes me proud.

  25. Dean Lyda says:

    Not a strong enough response! Any educator who would act in the manner she did needs time away from class, for re-education. …and possibly a career change. Superintendent should clearly state that her behaviour was unacceptable.

  26. GCAYSE1 says:

    Here is an article with the teacher’s name…..she needs to make a public statement as to why she was compelled to make such a stupid, irresponsible, statement to that young girl!

    • Lorraine says:

      Unreal. That article portrays the teacher as the victim. Blacks can do no wrong; perpetual victims. Even when they are the villian they figure out how to turn the story upside down and inside out.

      • Lorraine says:

        The article assertively states as a fact that the teacher has recieved threats, then frames the student’s ordeal as a claim made by the student. Oh how the media spins the narrative.

  27. Writer Chick says:

    What I find remarkable is that kids would taunt her this way. Seems to me that parents were likely the instigator. Once again the party of tolerance shows their true colors.

    I hope she is happy in her new school – I wouldn’t go back their either, in her position.

  28. Kevin M says:

    Seems like the KKK robes are on the other students, as they form a mob to deny this student her civil rights.

    James Meredith, call your office.

  29. richard40 says:

    A “teachable moment”, yea right. The only lesson I see here is the bullying teacher and the bullying students getting away with it.

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  31. Patty says:

    Go to the Philadelphia City Paper and read an article dated October 11, 2012. I know this family and they are attention seekers. Her father has never even voted. The teacher should have never did what she did but these parents are getting what they want and this isnt the first time they have tried to bring attention to themselves. Oh and these girls are no angels just three weeks ago they called two adult women Bitches for no reason

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  33. I think that the teacher is an Obama supporter. Even so, humiliating one person or student in front of everybody is not good. Transferring to another school to avoid any encounter again with the same teacher definitely is not a bad idea.