Students shout obscenities at parents of Samantha Pawlucy, Phila teen who wore Romney T-shirt

October 8, 2012

There’s this:  Students heckle parents of Philadelphia teen over T-shirt incident.

Angered by a teenagers claims of being humiliated by a teacher over a Romney/Ryan T-shirt, students at Charles Carroll High School ignored warnings from administrators and shouted obscenities out school windows at the girls parents Friday morning.

Samantha Pawlucy had accused her geometry teacher of humiliating her for wearing the shirt, and stayed out of school after saying she learned students had made threats against her. To calm the situation, district officials addressed students Friday, urging them to leave Pawlucy alone.

And then there’s this report,  in which the teacher who humiliated the Romney T-shirt wearing teen, Samantha Pawlucy, claims to be receiving threatening phone calls.

The first call came Friday evening, tinged with racist hate.

“Watch your back, (racist slur). I’mma blow your (profanity) brains out,” one of Lynette Gaymon’s aunts said Saturday.

Gaymon, a geometry teacher at Charles Carroll High School in Port Richmond, has been accused of humiliating a student who wore a pink Romney/Ryan T-shirt on “dress-down” day Sept. 28.


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  1. Bill Gates says:

    Here is that nasty Black Democrat Teacher’s personal contact info and please feel free to tell her what you think about her violating that poor student’s civil rights
    by being such a PIG HEADED BULLY !!!

    Lynette Gaymon
    218 Passmore St
    Philadelphia, PA 19111
    (267) 343-5226

    • Jay Are says:

      Wow Bill Gates wannabe…was it really necessary to post an address and phone number? Really?

    • Emily says:

      How are you any better than her? You are just another bully!

    • Rickey Nixon says:

      wow really. that’s really messed up. putting there information all over the web. u aint no better than her. u shud be the one that’s ashamed. fuckn racist

      • Monica says:

        RACIST??? Lynette Gaymon’s unprofessionalism and refusal to apologize directly to the child needs to be followed up with severe discipline (i.e. FIRED). But it won’t be and WE ALL KNOW WHY. What would have happened if it was the reverse – Obama shirt on Black stuedent and white teacher making a disparingin remark and marching the child into the hall)? Thank you alal the “vets” for assebling at the school with your flags for Samantha (who did absolutely nothing wrong).

    • wannabe says:

      Dan Riehl, you should delete this comment and ban this commenter. We don’t stoop to their level.

      • Name Required says:

        Doing that WOULD be stooping to that level
        wouldn’t it? Should we ban your
        comments? No. You’re free to add them.

  2. Carl says:

    That teacher should be ashamed of herself ! Samantha should be proud of herself and i bet she will do good with her life !

  3. Walt says:

    What is this about “claims” to have been humiliated – or that the teacher is “accused” of it.
    The teacher did admit what she said, she blew it off and the whole school district is trying to wait this out to blow over. When a teacher compares a Romney shirt to the KKK, that is not light humor, but total bullying.

  4. Virginia says:

    I taught school and was amazed and ashamed of the blatant liberal bias pushed in the classroom by many of my fellow teachers. To humiliate a student because of his/her political choice is completely unacceptable behavior on the part of a teacher. And SHAME on those students who were complicit in mocking and exhibiting behavior towards parents who were trying to protect their daughter’s school environment from bullying by a TEACHER!

  5. Name Required says:

    How unfortunate that the black population
    needs to have their identity hidden from
    news articles, lest they be interpreted
    as one-sided, white hating coloureds.

    As if voting for Romney is taking away their income…hey…yes it IS!