Suddenly media notices? Ann Romney as GMA guest host blurs news-entertainment line

October 6, 2012

Obama’s time in office has been a virtual non-stop tour of soft media outlets, with Michelle Obama doing her own thing. They aren’t considered friendly with Oprah for nothing, after all.

But now that Ann Romney is doing GMA, James Rainey of the LA Times notices? What a joke.

A time existed not that long ago when news outlets kept an arm’s length from the subjects they would cover. But both “GMA” and Romney have bigger priorities today — with the morning show in a daily race to unseat NBC’s “Today” as the a.m. ratings leader and Romney pushing hard to help her husband, Mitt, win the White House.

At least the show, which announced Romney’s guest hosting duties Thursday, signaled that it intends to treat both sides equally when it comes to line-blurring. It hopes to find a spot to bring First Lady Michelle Obama on as a co-host too.

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  1. RB says:

    Are they serious? What about all of the lefty “subjects” (political, community, etc) who now litter the airwaves as “legitimate” “journalists”….Stephanopolous, Sharpton, Matthews, Russert, et al. Gimme a break.