Teacher Fired: Justin Foster Posts Nude Pictures And Intimate Texts From Former Substitute Teacher Anna Michelle Walters

October 21, 2012

Needless to say, some of the photos allegedly of Anna Michelle Walters are a bit more candid.

Anna Michelle Walters, a substitute teacher at Cosby High School in Virginia, has been fired after allegedly having sex with and sending inappropriate pictures to a recent graduate, Justin Foster.

Walters also texted Foster, who is now 18-years-old and a West Virginia University student. Foster showed the text messages on his Twitter page.“I like it” Foster wrote to Walters, to which she allegedly replied, “Of course you do. You’re [expletive] the substitute. That’s like you’re [sic] whole class’ fantasy.”

Story via Justin Foster Posts Former Teacher Anna Michelle Walters.

More details here. Way to screw up your life, girl. Plus, the kid’s obviously a loser for burning her down.

No winners in this one imo.

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  1. JohnInMA says:

    Gee, what a surprise. An adult gets involved with a student who is barely a legal adult (not sure his age during the tryst). And he proves he is not fully an adult, yet, and he burns her for whatever reasons. It’s not clear whether for dude/macho reasons or if he was really angry/upset at her. Shocker. The topping on the cake of this story is that SHE sent HIM her pictures. Good grief.

  2. bob smithington says:

    niggas gonna nig

  3. scallywag says:

    Whilst that in itself might help pass the day for those of you in the mood to wonder about the current decay of teacher student relations one ought to pause and wonder if in the end Mr Foster has taken this all a bit too far. But then again Ms Walters was playing with fire. Actually she was playing with a fireball.