The New Normal: Man in Afghan police uniform kills 2 British troops

October 31, 2012

The assault appeared to the be the latest in a string of insider attacks that have threatened the partnership between international troops and the Afghan forces they are trying to train to take over responsibility for the country’s security.

A statement from the NATO military coalition said only that the assailant was wearing a police uniform, leaving open the possibility that the attacker was a militant posing as a policeman. The statement did not provide details on the shooting, saying it was being investigated.

Via – The Washington Times.

It’s called Green on Blue, and it’s the new normal.


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  1. Esau's Message says:

    Each perpetrator should be summarily executed.

    The Afghan government calls these perps “terrorists.”

    Afghanistan is in the midst of a war.

    If the Afghans really consider them traitors in uniform or unlawful combatants in disguise, then deliver the condign punishment.

    That’s summary execution.