The Thrill Is Gone: Obama versus a black man with skillz

October 8, 2012

I could be completely wrong on this Politico item, I have been before. Still, it isn’t 2008 and Obama isn’t coming out of nowhere to capture the national political spotlight as some new breed of politician. He over-promised and he has under-performed.

He’s been in office almost four years, his record is dismal and I at least hope people are looking for a president, not a likable social icon and performer

Now even President Obama is making fun of his Denver debate performance. Speaking to a concert crowd at the Nokia Theater here, Obama said the musical acts that performed for his campaign – the likes of Katy Perry, Earth, Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder, among others – “just perform flawlessly, night after night.”

A beat passed. Then the president made himself the punch line. “I can’t always say the same,” he said.

Maybe his shtick still plays for enough folks to get him re-elected. I hope not. That would offer a very dim view for the future of this republic, one in which substance goes by the wayside and Americans will embrace anything, if the image and stage craft is there.

Now, this guy on the other hand….

His guitars are always named Lucille, after the name of a woman who inspired a bar brawl in Twist, Arkansas where King happened to be playing one night. During the fight the kerosene heater tipped over and everyone ran for the exits, including BB King. But deciding that his sole guitar was worth the risk, King ran back into the burning building to save his guitar. Upon exiting with his cherished axe, King inquired after the name of the woman and thereafter always named his guitars after her to remind himself not to do something so stupid ever again.

As for Barry – I hope the tingle is out of Chrissie Matthews’ leg and the thrill is gone, where a majority of voters are concerned.

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